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WINCHESTER PEGRAM5 (Daniel4, Edward3, Daniel2, George1) was born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, 23 June 1799, Figure 35. This was probably about the time that his parents moved from Dinwiddie to Bedford County, Virginia. Winchester moved to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina with his parents about 1813-14, and to Lincoln County about 1816. He married Mary Stowe (4 March 1796 - 5 July 1866), Figure 35. The marriage bond was dated 28 December 1818. Mary was the only daughter of Jacob Stowe (4 January 1755 to 25 November 1830), and Nancy Ford Stowe (1765 to 20 May 1828). Winchester's marriage was only about four or five years after his arrival in North Carolina. Jacob Stowe was born in Amelia County, Virginia, and thus was in the same area and time period as the Pegrams of Dinwiddie. The families may have known each other there, since their home counties were contiguous. Jacob Stowe was the son of William Stowe II, of Amelia County, who was the son of William Stowe I, of Prince George County, Virginia, (Va. Records, V. 5, p. 756), (103). The Stowes arrived in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina about 1787. Jacob had a number of brothers and sisters. Jacob and Nancy are buried at Stowesville Cemetery, on the western bank of the South Fork River, in Gaston County. The Stowes were a prominent family in the Mecklenburg-Lincoln-Gaston Counties area and were closely associated with the Pegrams, through several marriages. A book on the Stowe family has been published (126).

Winchester and Mary lived near the mouth of the South Fork River in Lincoln County, which is now known as the South Point Section of Gaston County, having been cut off from Lincoln County in 1846. This area was also the general locale of Daniel Pegram, Winchester's father.

About 1850 Winchester and Mary moved to Dallas, just north of Gastonia. Winchester was a merchant there, and also kept a hotel. The Gastonia, North Carolina Daily Gazette of 28 September 1945 carried an article entitled "Old Pegram Home, First built in Dallas, Being Torn Down by Workmen." It was a large two story house with an ell, and chimney at either end. It was on the southwest corner of the square. It was built by Col. Morris, almost all of heart pine. It was a stately building and stood for ninety five years before being torn down to be replaced by an oil station. The home is described in a book on Old Gaston County Homes. Miss Corinne Puett, a descendant of Winchester and Mary Stowe, wrote on page four of "Dallas Homes" that "Mr. Pegram was killed by a falling tree in 1861, and Mrs. Pegram continued to live there until her death in 1866. Mrs. Pegram had a pretty flower garden on the west side of her house, and today many of Grandma Pegram's flower descendants live on in the gardens of her children and grandchildren." A daughter, Mary Ward6, made her home with her mother, and continued to live there a long time after her mother died. Later the home was occupied by Sheriff Jim White, and Mrs. O.F. Mason and family. Mrs. Miles Rhyne bought the home, and later her son, Eugene Rhyne owned it, and lived there for many years. We visited Miss Puett in the summer of 1982. She was in her nineties, in the poorest of health, and confined to the bed, but still interested and alert about family history. She has since died. It is interesting, judging from the rather poor newspaper pictures, that the Winchester Pegram home appeared from the front much like "Bonneville", the home of General John Pegram in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, built in 1800. It was, of course, built fifty years later and not by the Pegram family.

The Pegrams were charter members of the Presbyterian Church at Dallas, which was organized in 1851. Winchester was the first Ruling Elder. His descendants are still leaders in the Presbyterian Denomination. One of his grandsons, ROBERT MURRY PEGRAM7, was a Presbyterian minister, and there were one or more other descendants that were ministers. Mrs. Frances Pegram Weaver and her two sisters, great granddaughters of Winchester and Mary Pegram, are today, 1983, active in Presbyterian work, have held responsible appointments, and have been officially honored for their contributions.

The death of Winchester Pegram resulted when he tried to rescue a calf from underneath a falling tree. In the Annals of Lincoln County, page 173 it is stated:

Winchester Pegram was a leading citizen . . . born June 23, 1799. He married in 1818 to Mary, daughter of Jacob Stowe, and died in Dallas November 28, 1862. He was a good man, a merchant, kept a hotel in Dallas and reared a family of splendid sons and daughters, among them were Miles P.6, longtime a Charlotte Banker, W.W., E.L. Theodore and Frank Pegram.

Both Winchester and his wife Mary are buried at the New Hope Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Gaston County, North Carolina.
The will of Winchester was made in Gaston County, 5 August 1857, Book 1, p. 134. It names his wife Mary, and daughters, Violet Susan Froneberger and Mary Ward. Daughters Nancy and Elvira died prior to the time Winchester's will was made. Sons named in the will were Miles P., Theodore, William, Edward L. and Franklin. It also named Rebecca and Violet Craig, daughter of his deceased daughter Nancy. The will of Mary Stowe Pegram was made 10 March 1866, Book 1, p. 193, and names the same heirs as Winchester, (126).
Winchester and Mary had a large family and there are many descendants in North and South Carolina, especially the area around Charlotte and Gastonia, and in York County, South Carolina. All of Winchester and Mary's children were apparently born in Gaston or Lincoln Counties, and are presented henceforth.
The following reproduction of a portion of the bible of Daniel Theodore Pegram, son of Winchester, lists the names and birth dates of the children of Winchester Pegram and Mary Stowe.


NANCY MELVINA PEGRAM6, daughter of Winchester Pegram and Mary Stowe, was born 5 December 1819. She married Sam Watson Craig of Gaston County in 1840 or 41, likely 10 February 1840. Nancy died 10 November 1851. Her two daughters, REBECCA7 and VIOLET, were named in her father's will.


DANIEL THEODORE PEGRAM6, son of Winchester Pegram and Mary Stowe, was born in Lincoln, now Gaston County, North Carolina, 21 September 1821, and died 10 September 1901. He first married Lavinia Isabella Stowe, 18 September 1849. She was born 11 February 1829 and died 18 May 1864. She was the daughter of Abram and Sarah Martin Stowe (103, 126).

In 1857 Abram Stowe made a trust deed to D. Theodore Pegram for a tract of land of 690 acres on Crowder's Creek in York County, South Carolina. This was for the children of his daughter Lavinia Isabella (York Co. Bk. R. p. 416). In 1864 Lavinia Isabella died, and in 1866 Daniel Theodore deeded the 640 acres to his and Lavinia's children, namely; Sarah Emma, Thomas C., William M., John B. and Franklin T. (Bk. T., p. 223). In 1874 Thomas Chalmers Pegram sold his part of the land to his father, and in 1875 he bought it back. The York County, South Carolina Cross Index to Deeds shows a number of real estate transactions between Daniel Theodore and his children. Daniel Theodore and Lavinia had eight children, five of whom lived to maturity. The three that died young were EDWARD PINCKNEY7, 2 August 1850 to 24 December 1850; ALBERT STOWE, 17 April 1859 to 17 September 1860 and MARY LAVINIA, 12 February 1863 to July 1864. The five children that lived to maturity were SARAH EMMA7, THOMAS CHALMERS, WILLIAM MILES, JOHN BRECKENRIDGE and FRANKLIN THEODORE, presented below.

SARAH EMMA PEGRAM7, daughter of Daniel Theodore Pegram and Lavinia Isabella Stowe, was born 6 February 1852, and died unmarried in Gaston County, 24 December 1871

THOMAS CHALMERS PEGRAM7, son of Daniel Theodore and Lavinia I. Stowe, was born 12 October 1853, and died 12 May 1902. He married Martha Roxanna Craig. They lived in Gastonia, North Carolina, and had five children.

EARL STOWE PEGRAM8, son of Thomas Chalmers Pegram and Martha Craig, was born in 1877 and died in 1915. He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Gastonia, North


Carolina. He married Winnie Barron. Earl Stowe Pegram was a very promising business man, whose career was cut short by his death at 38 years of age. At the very young age of 18 he was the cashier of a bank. His obituary stated:

His career in banking began in a Gastonia, North Carolina Bank in 1895. His standing among the bankers of this and other states was of the highest, because of his splendid poise, discerning judgement and thorough knowledge of financial affairs. His flawless character, his many admirable qualities, and his attractive personality had made him popular wherever he was known.

He was a Mason. He and Winnie had four children:

WINFRED BARRON9, b. 1906; m. William Lee Morris Jr.; c. two, WILLIE LEE10 and WINNIE.
MARTHA CRAIG, b. 1910; m. Chalmers White Jr.
EARL STOW E, a daughter, b. 1915.

Earl Stowe Pegram and Winnie Barron had no male children, and that is probably the reason that their fourth child, a daughter, was named for her father.

LAMAR CRAIG PEGRAM8, son of Thomas Chalmers Pegram and Martha Roxinna Craig, was born in 1879. He married Anna McKennon. Lamar Craig was as popular as his brother Earl Stowe. Like his brother, he was a banker, and a promising business man. He died at 37 years of age. The information available is from his obituary. "He was one of the best loved and most prominent young business man of this section of the state. . . ."

Lamar served first in the First National Bank in Gastonia, and later in Wilmington, Kings Mountain and Lenoir, North Carolina. At the time of his death he held a responsible position with a string of mills, comprising the Lenoir, Moore Hudson and Whitnel Cotton Mills, (103). "He was a young man of fine ability and strictest integrity."

EDWARD NEWTON PEGRAM8, son of Thomas Chalmers Pegram and Martha Craig, was born in 1885, and never married.

JENNIE McILWAIN PEGRAM8, daughter of Thomas Chalmers Pegram and Martha Craig, was born 1 March 1892, and died 15 March 1893.

WILLIAM MILES PEGRAM7, son of Daniel Theodore Pegram and Lavinia Isabella Stowe, was born 9 September 1855, and died 10 April 1900. He married Gertrude Adams, 30 March 1887, and they had three children: LAVINIA ISABELLA8, born 2 September 1889 and died in December 1917; MARY MITCHELL born 16 March 1891; and CHARLES ADAM, born 16 September 1900 and died 10 June 1902. All were buried in Charlotte, North Carolina.

JOHN BRECKENRIDGE PEGRAM7, son of Daniel Theodore Pegram and Lavinia Isabella Stowe, was born 17 May 1857, and died 9 December 1923. He was first married 21 April 1886, to Rachel Frances Hope, who was born in 1865 and died in 1903. They lived in York, South Carolina, and John Breckenridge left a will there. He is shown there in the Cross Index to Deeds in 1885, and perhaps in other years. John Breckenridge and Frances Hope had seven children, presumably all born in York, South Carolina. Three sons died in early childhood, they were JOHN STOWE8, 28 July 1887 to 30 June 1894; WILLIAM EDWARD, 2 April 1894 to 19 May 1896 and THOMAS CHALMERS, 3 May 1902 to 5 May 1906. Four girls survived to maturity and married, they were BESSIE LAVINIA8, MARIE THEODORA, FRANCES LOUISE, and ANNIE ELIZABETH.

BESSIE LAVINIA PEGRAM8, was born 10 November 1889. She married O.A. Matthews, M.D. in 1928. He died in 1940, and she died in 1970. There was no issue.

MARIE THEODORA PEGRAM8, daughter of John Breckenridge Pegram and Rachel Frances Hope, was born 17 February 1896. She married A. McCants Adams in 1925. He was born 6 September 1895. There was issue MARIE McCANTS9 and WILLIAM ANDERSON.


MARIE McCANTS ADAMS9, was born in 1926. She married John Leake Conyers in 1949, who was born in 1922. There was issue:

JOHN LEAKE CONYERS JR.10, born 16 March 1951. He married Sheila Cox, and they had JOHN C.", born in 1977, and RACHEL MARIE, born in 1979.

WILLIAM ADAMS CONYERS10, son of Marie McCants Adams and  John Leake Conyers, was born 28 November 1954. He married Mary Dole in 1982.

RACHEL HOPE CONYERS10, daughter of Marie McCants Adams and John Leake Conyers, was born in 1956, and married Malone Guy in 1977.

WILLIAM ANDERSON ADAMS9, son of Marie Theodora Pegram and A. McCants Adams, was born 1 February 1931. He is a prominent Presbyterian Minister. He was educated at Davidson College, North Carolina and at Columbia Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Presbyterian College of Clinton, South Carolina. He is Executive Presbyter of Atlanta, Georgia Presbytery. He was a moderator of Synod (PCU S) of Georgia in 1968. He married Shirley Ford in 1952. She was born in 1930. They had issue:

SHIRLEY VIRGINIA10, b. 25 May 1953; m. Rick Swarey in 1981. CYNTHIA JANE, b. 18 Nov. 1954.
DEMPIE ANDERSON, b. 14 Sept. 1956.
KITTY McCANTS, b. 14 May 1958.
WILLIAM LLOYD, b. 14 Oct. 1961.
KERRY, b. 10 Aug. 1970.

FRANCES LOUISE PEGRAM8, daughter of John Breckenridge Pegram and Rachel Frances Hope, was born 14 November 1897. She married William Nathaniel Weaver in 1921. He was born 2 March 1889 and died 5 December 1981. Mrs. Weaver lives in Red Springs, North Carolina, 1983. She is keenly interested in the genealogy of the Pegram family, and has supplied me with considerable information on the descendants of Daniel Pegram4 in North Carolina, especially on the descendants of Winchester Pegram and Mary Stowe. Some unrecorded family interest items were especially valuable (103).

ELIZABETH HOPE WEAVER9 was born 17 September 1922. She married Charles Thomas Sardeson, a Minister. He was born 19 September 1921. He is a graduate of Washington and Lee University, and attended Seminary in Philadelphia. He is the author of two religious books. Elizabeth and Charles live in Farmington, Connecticut, 1983. They had CHARLES THOMAS III10, born 11 January 1948, who is unmarried, and PAMELA HOPE, born 11 July 1950. She married Nicholas Willard in 1980.

FRANCES HARRIET WEAVER9 daughter of William Nathaniel Weaver and Frances Louise Pegram, was born 17 October 1924. In 1948 she married James M. Frederickson, born in 1918. They had MARY LOUISE10, born 1953; MARTHA SCOTT; born 1955 and JOHN M., born 26 April 1958.

WILLIAM NATHANIEL WEAVER JR.9, son of William Nathaniel Weaver and Frances Louise Pegram, was born 9 November 1929. He served in the navy in the Korean War. He was a Lieutenant JG on a tanker. He lives in Winter Park, Florida, 1981. William Nathaniel Jr. married Mary Ellen Rushford in 1954. She was born in 1932 and died in 1980. There were four children:

BARBARA ELLEN10, b. 9 April 1955; m. Duane Masten, 1978; c. ALLISON", b. 21 June 1979.
MARY BETH, b. 12 May 1956, not married.
BRENDA, b. 20 Aug. 1961, not married.
WILLIAM NATHANIEL III, b. 5 Sept. 1964; not married.
ANNIE ELIZABETH PEGRAM8, daughter of John Breckenridge Pegram and


Frances Hope, was born 9 November 1899, and died in 1971. She was said to have married Wesley Clark, 12 July 1926 (19). Another source, acutally her sister, Frances Louise (103), stated that she married L.W. Marquart in 1958. Both are probably correct. Mr. Marquart died in 1977. He and Annie Elizabeth are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in York, South Carolina.

John Breckenridge Pegram's wife, Frances Hope, died in 1903 and John married Frances Elizabeth Erwin, 15 November 1905. She was born in 1870 and died in 1954, and is buried in York, South Carolina. There were two children, MARTHA ERWIN8 and EMILIE ALBERTA.

MARTHA ERWIN PEGRAM8 was born 1 January 1907 and died in 1974. She is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in York, South Carolina. She never married.

EMILIE ALBERTA PEGRAM8, daughter of John Breckenridge Pegram and Frances Elizabeth Erwin, was born 15 March 1909 and died in 1977. She is buried in Concord, North Carolina. Alberta married Zebalon A. Morris Jr., 3 November 1934. He was born in 1902, and lives in Concord, North Carolina. There were two children: ZEBALON A. III9, born 4 March 1938. He married Carol Jean Cross, and they had a son BRENT CAMERON10, born in 1970. EMILIE ALBERTA9, second child of Alberta and Zebalon, was born 18 May 1947. She married William Winn Markert, who is in the insurance business, and lives in Decatur, Georgia.

FRANKLIN THEODORE PEGRAM7, son of Daniel Theodore Pegram and Lavinia Isabella Stowe, was born 27 January 1861 in York, South Carolina. He married Lucinda Isabella Quinn, 26 October 1887. She was born in 1862 near Clover, South Carolina. Franklin Theodore is listed in the Cross Index to Deeds, York County, South Carolina, as Grantee in the years 1866, 1882, 83 and 85. He was only about five years of age at the 1866 transaction, but as will be recalled, Abram Stowe mandated in a trust deed of 1857 that 640 acres of land be divided among his daughter's, Lavinia Isabella's, children upon her death, which occurred in 1864. Franklin Theodore and his wife died in Carthage, North Carolina, he in 1949 and her in 1954, and both are buried there. Their children were WILLIAM WARDS, ETHEL LAVINIA and MARY HILL.

WILLIAM WARD PEGRAM8, was born 4 September 1886, and died in 1949. He married Estella Roddey, 19 March 1910, at Lancaster, South Carolina. She was born in 1883 and died in 1954. They had issue:

WILLIAM WARD PEGRAM JR.9, was born in 1911. He married Sarah Bailey in 1953. She was born in 1921. William Ward Jr. is at present, 1983, the Editor of the Chester, South Carolina News.

MARY BUFORD PEGRAM9, daughter of William Ward Pegram and Estella Roddey, was born in 1915. She married David L. Anderson, and had issue:

DAVID LEGRAND ANDERSON10, born in 1940. He married Lucy Shirley Otis in 1968, and had issue: LUCY SHIRLEY", born 1972 and MARY SHIRLEY, born 1974.

RODDEY PEGRAM ANDERSON10, son of Mary Buford Pegram and David L. Anderson, was born in 1942. He married Julia L. Straudemire, and they had issue: BLAIR LOWRY11, born 1968 and MARY RODDEY, born 1971.

MARY BUFORD ANDERSON10, daughter of Mary Buford Pegram and David L. Anderson, was born in 1947. She married Lacy Lucien Hayes, and they had issue: LUCY LUCIEN11, born 1979 and JULIA PEGRAM, born 1980.

JULIA PEGRAM9, daughter of William Ward Pegram and Estelle Roddey, was born in 1919. She married Charles Allen Vassy, born 1919, and they had CHARLES ALLEN JR.10, born 1954.

ETHEL LAVINIA PEGRAM8, daughter of Franklin Theodore Pegram and Lucinda Isabella Quinn, was born in Chester, South Carolina, 8 August 1888, and died in 1975. She married Samuel Festus Cole, and they had issue: SAMUEL FRANKLIN9, DOROTHY PEGRAM, HAROLD MILLER, CHARLES PEGRAM and WILLIAM STOWE.

SAMUEL FRANKLIN COLE9 was born in 1911 and died in 1975. He married Florence Taylor, who lived until 1981. They are both buried in Chicago, Illinois. They had


issue MICHELE TAYLOR10, born 1946, and married Michael Houlahan in 1973; and PATRICIA ANNE, born 1947, and married William Arts in 1975.

DOROTHY PEGRAM COLE9, daughter of Ethel Lavinia Pegram and Samuel Festus Cole, was born in 1913. She married David Hargrove. He was born in 1914 and died in 1965, and is buried in Decatur, Georgia. They had DOROTHY SUZANNE10, born 1948, and married M.W. Sheally, and they had NATASHA11. A second child of Dorothy Pegram Cole and David Hargrove, DAVID COLE10, was born in 1957.

HAROLD MILLER COLE9, son of Ethel Lavinia Pegram and Samuel Festus Cole, was born in 1915. He married Ruth Vernie Lockamy in 1960. She was born in 1930 and died in 1980.

CHARLES PEGRAM COLE9, son of Ethel Lavinia Pegram and Samuel Festus Cole, was born in 1922. He married Edna Earl Bulloch, and they had CHARLES P. Jr.10, born 1952, and married Nancy Saye in 1978; and SARAH LUCINDA, born 1958, unmarried.

WILLIAM STOWE COLE9, son of Ethel Lavinia Pegram and Samuel Festus Cole, was born in 1928, and married Jean Watkins in 1953. There was issue WILLIAM STOWE JR.10, born 1971.

MARY HILL PEGRAM8 daughter of Franklin Theodore Pegram and Lucinda Isabella Quinn, was born in Chester, South Carolina, 7 January 1904. She married Carlton C. Kennedy. Their date of death is not known, but they are buried in Carthage, North Carolina. They had two known children: MARIE9, who married Jack Robins, and had issue LISA10, and JAMES CARLTON9, who married Barbara Page, and had PAGE10 and ANDREW.

Daniel Theodore Pegram6 married Ferriba Alvina Cooper, 29 January 1869. It will be recalled that Thomas Chalmers Pegram, son of Daniel Theodore and Lavinia Stowe, sold his father the land that he received from his mother's estate, under a trust deed from his grandfather Abram. Stowe, and then bought it back in 1875. It was about this time that Daniel Theodore and his second wife, Ferriba Cooper, left the Crowder Creek Community of York County, South Carolina. Mrs. Frances Pegram Weaver, granddaughter of Daniel Theodore Pegram, described her grandfather's home on Crowder's Mountain as a beautiful, pristine, mountainous area, rich in mineral deposits. After much political haggling the State acquired 1,875 acres of the area as a park (103).

Daniel Theodore bought a tract of land in the Steele Creek Community of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and that is where he and his second wife, Ferriba Cooper made their home and reared their seven children. Some of the children of Daniel Theodore and Lavinia Stowe were still at home after the move to Steele Creek.

Apparently Daniel Theodore soon established himself as one of the leaders in the Steele Creek Community. Among other things, he was an Elder in the Steele Creek Church. He was said, by his granddaughter, to be a very devoted Christian. A story was printed in the Charlotte (N.C.) Observor in July 1943, stating that there was a long drought in the area and the Church Elders decided to meet and pray for rain. The Steele Creek Church was on a sloping hill, and as Daniel Theodore approached several of the Elders seated on the church steps, saw that he was carrying an umbrella. They jested to him, "what are you doing with the umbrella?" He replied, "we came to pray for rain, didn't we, and I believe that we will get it." On his way home after the prayer meeting there was a regular gully washer of a rain, and it went down in history as Daniel Theodore Pegram's rain (103). The article was published forty two years after Daniel Theodore's death, so the story must have had some validity to have survived for so long.

Religious training in the days of Daniel Theodore was not taken lightly. His granddaughter, Frances Pegram Weaver, relates that her father, John Breckenridge Pegram, told her of having to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. No shoes could be polished, no nuts cracked, only absolutely necessary activities were allowed. I too can remember some of the restrictions on Sunday activities. Certainly no one did any work, and when children became too loud in their play, they were told to quiet down, and remember that this was the sabbath. This was out in the country where hardly anyone, outside of God, would have heard a bomb explode, but that was not the point of the issue.



WIRT PEGRAM7 was born 25 April 1870, and died in 1926. He married Amanda Neal Crowell, 21 December 1899. She was born in 1876 and died in 1950. Wirt and Amanda are buried in Steele Creek Cemetery. There were seven known children.

ELIZABETH PEGRAM8 married Charles Knox, and they had MARY ELIZABETH9, born 1926 and CHARLES PEGRAM, born 1928. They lived in the Steele Creek Community, Charlotte, N.C., Route 3.

FERRIBA PEGRAM8, daughter of Wirt Pegram and Amanda Crowell, was born in 1902. She married Loy Wilson Brown, and they lived in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, Route 4. They had JEAN9, who married Larry Mayhew; LEIGHTON PEGRAM; ROBERTA, who married Ron Harris, ALICE, who married Paul Starnes; and WALTER.

THEODORE CROWELL PEGRAM8, son of Wirt Pegram and Amanda Crowell, was born in 1904. He never married.

WILLIAM WIRT PEGRAM8, son of Wirt Pegram and Amanda Crowell, was born in 1905. He first married Pearl , and had a child EFFIE NEAL9. He later married Lena Lemon.

FRANK CHALMERS PEGRAM8, son of Wirt Pegram and Amanda Crowell, was born in 1906. He married Lois Brown. Their children were MARY LOIS9, FRANCES ANN and CHARLOTTE.

MARY NEAL PEGRAM8, daughter of Wirt Pegram and Amanda Crowell, was born in 1910. She married Mose Sendler. They lived in Columbia, South Carolina, and owned a motel, but are now, 1984, living in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Their children were ESTELLE9, EDWARD, MARY ANN, JEAN, RICHARD and CHARLES.

MARTHA PEGRAM8, youngest daughter of Wirt Pegram and Amanda Crowell, married Jack Mitchell. They live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and had three children: LEE9, GREGORY, who married Anita Andrews and had ELLEN LEIGH10, born 14 September 1982; and FRANCES RUTH9.

DOUGLAS PEGRAM7, son of Daniel Theodore Pegram and Ferriba Cooper, was born 25 January 1873, and died in 1889. He is buried in Steele Creek Cemetery.

ANNA ELIZABETH PEGRAM7, daughter of Daniel Theodore Pegram and Ferriba Cooper, was born 4 May 1876. She was a Registered Nurse, apparently never married, and was considered the "Rock of Gibraltar" to the family (103). She died in 1966.

LELIA EUGENIA PEGRAM7, daughter of Daniel Theodore Pegram and Ferriba Cooper, was born 2 July 1878, and died in 1972. She married Walter Mason Bigger in 1899. He was born in 1875 and died in 1952, and is buried at Allison Creek Cemetery, in York County, South Carolina. Lelia and Walter had eight children.

ANN PEGRAM BIGGER8, daughter of Lelia Eugenia Pegram and Walter W. Bigger, was born 30 June 1901 and died in October 1902.

ELIZABETH BIGGER8, daughter of Lelia Pegram and Walter Bigger, was born 27 January 1903. She married James Thomasson in 1930. He was born in 1906 and died in 1959. There were four known children: HELEN EUGENIA9, who married Ernest Austin, and FERRIE ELIZABETH, who married Charles E. Ward. The spouses of MARGARET GREGG and HASKELL GREGG, if any, are not known. There are a large number of descendants from the children of Elizabeth Bigger and James Thomasson, that are not known to the compiler.

GRACE BIGGER8, daughter of Lelia Pegram and Walter Bigger, was born 5 December 1904. Grace has never married, and lives in York, South Carolina.

EUGENE MASON BIGGER8, son of Lelia Pegram and Walter Bigger, was born 11 August 1907 and died in 1960. He married Mary Lenora Sloan (born 1913) in 1937. They had: LINDA SLOAN9, EUGENE MASON JR., and MARILYN.


MILES ALEXANDER BIGGER8, son of Lelia Pegram and Walter Bigger, was born 29 September 1909, and married Mary Jane Riddle. She was born in 1916.

THEODORE CUYLER BIGGER8, son of Lelia Pegram and Walter Bigger, was born 10 October 1912. Theodore was captured by the Japanese at the fall of Bataan during World War II. He survived the death march, and is now a retired air force major, and lives in Tennessee. He married Harriet Welborn (born 1916) in 1936. They had: DELIA9 and CAROLYN.

RUTH BIGGER8, daughter of Lelia Pegram and Walter Bigger, was born 24 November 1917 and died in 1918. She is buried in Allison Creek Cemetery, York County, South Carolina.

WALTER EDWARD BIGGER8, son of Lelia Pegram and Walter Bigger, was born 24 August 1919 and died in 1976. He married Dorothy Price (born 1922) in 1942. They had WALTER EDWARD JR.9, born 1946.

LAURA ISABELLA PEGRAM7, daughter of Daniel Theodore Pegram and Ferriba Cooper, was born 22 September 1880. She married Meek Williams and they had seven children: EDITH CLEMENTINE8, born 1910; FERRIE ELIZABETH; JAMES DOUGLASS, born 1914; KATHERINE K., born 1917; EDDIE MEEK, born 1921; JOHN FREDERICK, born 1923 and LEROY RUSSELL, born 1927.

ROBERT MURRAY McSHEEN PEGRAM7, son of Daniel Theodore Pegram and Ferriba Cooper, was born 5 November 1883. He married Madeline Reager.

ALEXANDER HODGE PEGRAM7, son of Daniel Theodore Pegram and Ferriba Cooper, was born 16 April 1887 and died in 1950. He was buried in Steele Creek Cemetery, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He was a veteran of World War I. He married Louise Baird, and they had issue.

EDWARD HODGE PEGRAM8 was born 3 December 1918. He was said to have married three times and to have had no issue.

ANN LOU PEGRAM8, daughter of Alexander Hodge Pegram and Louise Baird married Joe Heafner, and they had JANE9 and JOAN.
THOMAS WINCHESTER PEGRAM8, son of Alexander Hodge Pegram and Louise Baird, was born and died in 1921.

THOMAS MURRAY PEGRAM8, son of Alexander Hodge Pegram and Louise Baird, was born in December 1931. He married Joan Moss, and they had LAVINA9, and THOMAS. They live in York, South Carolina. Thomas is another member of the family who is interested in genealogy, and he has collected some valuable information on the Pegrams, which he has shared with me.



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