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Issue of Samuel William Pegram and Martha Jane Taylor

AMOS LUTHER PEGRAM8 (Samuel William7, Samuel Gilliam6, Edward5, Daniel4, Edward3, Daniel2, George1) was the first child of Samuel William Pegram and Martha Jane Taylor, He was born 14 January 1874 at Falkner, Mississippi. He studied dentistry in Louisville, Kentucky, and returned to Ripley and practiced there and at Pontotoc and Aberdeen, Mississippi. Apparently he had certain days, or weeks, that he would be in the different places. He married Susan Woods of Brookhaven, Mississippi.

He was on a dirt road riding a bicycle when he had a pulmonary hemorrhage, and fell to the ground. He was found in the road by a negro man with a load of lumber. He placed Luther on the lumber and carried him into town. He was never well after that time, although he did become temporarily active again. It was said that he had tuberculosis,  called consumption at the time, and a dreaded disease it was. The treatment was plenty of fresh air and  rest. A popular concept was to go to a dry climate and live  out of doors. Another young man of Ripley also had tuberculosis,  and he and Luther went to west Texas and lived  in the open. They carried a negro boy with them to help with the chores. They went to the vicinity of Menard, and  lived in the open until Luther became too ill to do so. We  went into Menard, called Menardville at the time, and  obtained a room and board with a family by the name of Lewis. He died there on 2 December 1902. His mother,  after a long and arduous trip  by train and stage, arrived  the day following his death. Luther was buried in a cemetery, on a hill, in Menard.

The photograph of Luther was before his illness, and shows him to be a handsome man. It was said  by members of the family that he was an immaculate dresser and popular socially.

HOMER EUGENE PEGRAM8, the second child of Samuel W.  Pegram and Martha Jane Taylor, was born 16 March 1876 at Falkner, Mississippi. He grew up in  Falkner and in Ripley, and married about the same time that his family moved to the farm. He married  Emma Cora Yancey on 23 December 1895, at Grand Junction, Tennessee. She was the daughter of  W.E. Yancey and Emma Johnson of Jackson, Mississippi. Homer was in the grocery business at  Pontotoc, Mississippi, for a number of years, and after that he was a salesman. He died in Memphis on  22 July 1957. He is buried at Wier's Chapel, near Ripley, Mississippi, where his parents and other members of the Pegram family are buried. His wife, Emma, died at Memphis on 19 November 1961. and  is buried at Ripley, Mississippi.

Homer and Emma had six children: MATTIE LEE9, EDWARD EUGENE, JULIA MAE, VIRGINIA AMANDA, HOMER LUTHER and RUBY ADELINE. Edward Eugene, Julia Mae and Virginia Amanda died in infancy or early childhood. Mattie Lee, Homer Luther and Ruby Adeline lived to maturity, married and reared families.

MATTIE LEE PEGRAM9, the eldest child of Homer and Emma Pegram, was born September 8, 1896 at Ripley, Mississippi, She graduated  from high school in 1915, and was married to Ernest Marbry Hardin of Blue Mountain, Mississippi, on 14  April 1916. They lived at Blue Mountain and had two  children born there. Ernest Hardin died in 1938 and Mattie Lee married William Ray Walker of Milan, Tennessee, on 9 January 1943. They made their home in Milan, where Mr. Walker owned a men's clothing store. Children of Mattie Lee and Ernest Hardin were: DOROTHY GIBBS10 and ERNEST MARBRY, JR.

DOROTHY GIBBS HARDIN10,  daughter of Mattie Lee Pegram and Ernest Marbry Hardin, was born on 5 June 1917, in Blue Mountain, Mississippi. She was married on 20 June 1935 to James W. McKee, who is on the academic staff of East Tennessee University at Johnson City. Dorothy and James had three children:

JAMES W. McKEE Jr.11 was born 20 October 1937. He married Sandy McLeod on 1 July 1962. They had two children: VALERIA12, born 15 April 1963; and ASHLEY, born 20 May 1966.

KAREN McKEE11, daughter of Dorothy Gibbs Hardin and James W. McKee, was born 17 July 1950. She married Ervin Mendellsson, 19 February 1977.

PATRICIA ANN McKEE11, daughter of Dorothy and James W. McKee, was born 3 September 1951. She married Charles Dennis Duke on 30 August 1968. They had one daughter. SHELLY ANN12 born 26 August 1970. Patricia Ann and Mr. Duke were divorced in January 1976. Patricia married Jim Smith on 4 November 1976.

ERNEST MARBRY HARDIN JR.10, the only son of Mattie Lee Pegram and Ernest Hardin, was born at Blue Mountain on 4 June 1921. He married Nell Barnhill in 1943, and they had a son, ERNEST MARBRY III,11 born 29 April 1944. Ernest Marbry Jr. was killed in a plane crash in Brownsville, Texas on 31 March 1944, just one month before his son was born.  Ernest Marbry III married Gene Thomas in 1966. They had a son ERNEST MARBRY IV12, born 13 June 1969.

HOMER LUTHER PEGRAM9, son of Homer Eugene Pegram and Emma Cora Yancey, was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi, 20 February 1906. He lived in New Jersey, and was married to Vita Mae Seago. Homer Luther was lost at sea during World War II, 2 February 1943. Homer and Vita Mae had four children: MARIAN10, ERNEST EUGENE, CHARLES HOMER and RICHARD SHERROD. Vita Mae and the children have remained residents of New Jersey.

MARIAN PEGRAMI0, daughter of Homer Pegram and Vita Mae Seago, was born 16 August 1927. She married Peter W. Carson. They had a son ROBERT EUGENE11 born in Kearny, New Jersey, 25 April 1947. Marian died 16 May 1957.

ROBERT EUGENE CARSON11, son of Marian Pegrarn and Peter N. Carson, married Donna Schott, 12 December 1965. They had two children: ROBERT JAMES12,


born 14 January 1966 at Kearny, New Jersey, and STEVE PETER, born I May 1967 at Bossier City, Louisiana. Robert and Donna were divorced 20 October 1969. Robert married Dcbora Lynn Ferguson, in Shreveport, Louisiana, 7 August 1971. They had a daughter, GLORIA LEE12.

ERNEST EUGENE PEGRAM10, son of Homer Luther Pegram and Vita Mae Seago, was born 29 May 1929. He married Catherine Patricia Leahy, 18 April 1953, and they live in Kearny, New Jersey, 1984. They had two children: JULIA ANN11, born 3 1 October 1954, and EUGENE RICHARD, born 6 May 196 I. Julia Ann married Glen Lawrence Dietz, 2 August 1975, and they live in Kearny, New Jersey.

CHARLES HOMER PEGRAM10, son of Homer Pegram and Vita Mae Seago, was born 5 March 1932. He married  Isabelle Noonan. They had five children: MICHAEL J.11, born 7 June 1955; CHARLES HOMER, JR., born January 1957; KAREN A., born 17 March 1958; NEAL P., born 26 March 1960 and CRAIG J., born 2 December 1963. They live in Brick Town, New Jersey, 1984.

MICHAEL J. PEGRAM11 married Barbara Polo, and they had two children: MICHAEL J. JR.I2, horn 27 July 1975; and ALLISON, born 4 December 1977.

RICHARD SHERROD PEGRAM10, son of Homer Luther Pegram and Vita Mae Seago, was horn 12 April 1934. He married Joan Tomasieski English, born 2 February 1938. They live in Kearny, New Jersey, 1984. Richard and Joan had three children: LINDA JEAN11, born 12 April 1959; RICHARD EUGENE, born 8 March 1962 and DIANE, born 19 March 1970.

RUBY ADELAIDE PEGRAM9, youngest child of Homer Eugene Pegram and Emma Cora Yancey, was born 24 April 1909 at Pontotoc, Mississippi. She married Emmett Howard Moss on 1 June 1927. Emmett died at Memphis, Tennessee, where they had lived for many years, on 13 August 1981. Ruby and Emmett had four children: JACK LINWOOD10, PHILLIP THORNE, ROBERT EMMETT and VIRGINIA LEE.

JACK LINWOOD MOSS10 was born 19 August 1930. He married Betty Sue Dixon, and they had three children: SANDRA SUE11 born 7 December 1957; STEPHEN HOWARD, born 6 June 1960 and JAY RODNEY, born 16 May 1961.

PHILLIP THORNE MOSS10 was born 19 May 1933. He married Della Joan Scruggs, and they had two children: PHILLIP  SCOTT11, born 6 April 1957; and DOUGLASS STUART, born 15 December 1959.

ROBERT EMMETT MOSS10, son of Ruby Pegram and Emmett Howard Moss, was born 17 July. 1938. He married Marlene Manning, and they had two children: PAMELA LYNN11, born 30 May 1957 and ROBERT EMMETT JR., barn 9 May 1958. Robert Emmett Sr. died 25 May 1963.

VIRGINIA LEE MOSS10, daughter of Ruby Pegram and Emmett Howard Moss, was born 13 October 1946. She married Sonny Reese.  They had a son, SPENCER MOSS11, born 13 January 1975.

LILLlE DORA PEGRAM8, the eldest daughter of Samuel William Pegram  and Martha Jane Taylor, was born at Falkner, Mississippi, I9 April 1879. She married only about a year after her parents moved to the farm. As a matter of fact, her father bought the farm from the man she married. He was William Romulus Alvis born 12 February 1861 (118). He and Dora were married 3 February 1897. Mr. Alvis was the largest cattle dealer in Tippah County, and was a well liked.


and highly respected  man. He died at Ripley, Mississippi 15 October 1924, and is buried in the Ripley Cemetery. Sometime after her husband" death, Dora went to St. Louis, Missouri, where one of her sons resided. She remained there for a number of years, and then returned to RipIey for the remainder of her life. She died at the age of 89 years, at the Union County General Hospital in New Albany, Mississippi, on 5 Nmh 1969. She was buried in the Ripley Cemetery beside her husband.

Dora and Mr. Alvis had five children: WILLIAM HOWELL9, BEULAH, L W WOOD, HERMAN and EDWARD ARLINGTON. They had 12 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren at the time of Dora" death.

WILLIAM HOWELL ALVIS9 was barn at Ripley, Mississippi, 25 March 1898. He was educated in the local schoofs, and married Natalie Mae James, daughter of James Lee James, (a jeweler) and Willie Street, on 21 April 1918 at Ripley. Howell followed his father in the cattle business for a time. He was later in the taxicab business and a rural mail carrier. He was a Methodist. Howell died at Ripley on 25 May 1978, and was buried there. His widow is still living (198 1). Howell and Natalie had two daughters: MARTHA ELAINE10 and WILMA HOWELL.

MARTHA ELAINE ALVIS10, daughter of Howell Alvis and Natalie James, was born at Ripley, 16 April 1920. Martha was a teacher, and she retired in 1976. She married Jesse Haws Bartlett of Ripley on 6 January 1940, and they live in Columbia, Missouri. Jesse Hargus, known as J.H., has a Masters Degree in both Education and Hospital Administration. He is with the State of Missouri, in the Department of Aging, at Jefferson City. Martha and J.H. had two sons: RONALD HARGUS and THOMAS ALVIS.

RONALD HARGUS BARTLETT was born 10 December 1943 at Ripley. He married Lyria Brannon, 24 August 1970. Ronald earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri. He practiced law for abut 12 years in Houston, Texas, and then moved his practice to Columbia, Missouri. Ronald and Lyria had four children: STEPHEN BRANNON11, born 18 September 19- in Shreveport, Louisiana; TAYLOR CHRISTIAN, born 29 March 19- in
Houston, Texas; SPENCER FERGUSON, born 25 October 1978 and LYRIA DICKASON, born 30 August 1980, both in Houston, Texas.

THOMAS ALVIS BARTLETT11, son of Martha Alvis and I. W. Bartlett, was born 8 September 1948 at Ripley, Mississippi. He married Patricia Ann Almond, 3 August 1974. Thomas has a Master Degree in Education Administration, and a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Missouri. Thomas and Patricia live in Jefferson City, where he teaches music education. They had one child: BRADLEY CROY12, born 14 September 1980, in Columbia, Missouri.

WILMA HOWELL ALVISI0, daughter of William Howell Alvis and Natalie James, was born in Ripley, Mississippi 2 December 1930. She married Harold Lloyd Fair at Ripley in 1950. Wilma died in Little Rock, Arkansas, on 3 May 1955, and was buried in Ripley. Wilma
and Harold had one child, KATHY ELAINE, born 7 January 1955 in Little Rock. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee ( 1980).

BEULAH ALVIS9, daughter of Lillie Dora Pegram and William Romulus Alvis, was born at Ripley, Mississippi, 3 February 1904. Beulah graduated from. the Ripley High School, and from the Mississippi State College for Women in 1926. She taught school for two years at Ripley, and for a short time in New Albany, Mississippi. She was married to William Newton Parks Jr. of New Albany on 3 November 1927. Mr. Parks was owner of Parks Automobile, a Chevrolet agency in New Albany. He was born 17 May 1904 and died 25 May 1976 at New Albany. Beulah and Bill had two sons: WILLIAM ALVIS PARKSI0 and HERMAN HALL PARKS. In 1950 Beulah and Bill gave two girls from the Methodist Childrens Home, in Jackson, Mississippi, a permanent foster home, until they were grown and married. Beulah died 4 April 1982 and is buried in New Albany.

WILLIAM ALVIS PARKS10, son of Beulah Alvis and William N. Parks, was born at New Albany, Mississippi, 26 August 1929. He graduated from the Mississippi State University in 1951.  He served two years in the Air Force, as Hospital Adminstrator, with the rank of Captain. He remained in the Reserve, and attained the rank of Lt. Colonel. He married Charlsie Lucile Austin at New Albany on 5 February 1956. He entered the automobile agency business with his father and has continued in the business since his father's death. William Alvis and Charlsie had five children, apparently all born in New Albany. WILLIAM ALVIS JR.11 , born 18 December 1956; MARGARET AUSTIN, born 24 April 1959; MARILYN ELIZABETH, born 24 April 1959, a twin; CAROL ANN, born 4 November 1960 and ROBERT EDWARD LEE, born 28 September 1963.

HERMAN HALL PARKSl0, the second son of Beulah Alvis and Bill Parks, was born at New Albany, I8 October 1931. He was graduated from the Mississippi State University in 1953, and from the University of Tennessee Dental School  in 1956. He served two years in the Army Dental Corps, with the rank of Major. Herman Hall has been in the private practice of dentistry in New Albany since 1959. He holds a private pilot's license. He was married to Eleanor Gillis, in Greenwood, Mississippi, on 19 December 1954. They bad four children: EDWARD ALVIS11, born 14 March 1958; MELANIE ODEAN, born 7 July 1960; JOAN HALL, born 16 January 1970 and JOHN CLIFTON, born 17 February 1973, (118). Herman Hall and Eleanor were divorced, and Herman has since married Hortense Lavender.

LINWOOD ALVIS9, son of William R Alvis and Lillie Dora Pegram, was born in Ripley, Mississippi, 3 February 1906. He was educated in the Ripley Schools and at Rubicam's Business College in St. Louis, Missouri where he went in 1923. Linwood joined the Curlee Clothes Company in St. Louis and remained with them for many years, after which he went into the clothing business for himself. After that he was a salesman for a hardware and roofing company. He is now retired and lives in St. Louis. Linwood married Esther Elizabeth Neblett, born 2 September 1908. Tbey were married at Clarksville, Tennessee, on 24 June 1933. She was the daughter of Dr. Lewis Lowe Neblett and Edna Elizabeth Carlisle of Slayton, Tennessee. Linwood and Esther had two children: NANCY10 and WILLIAM LEWIS.

NANCY ALVIS10 was born 28 July 1934 at St. Louis, Missouri. She married Sidney A. McClanahan in Mexico, Missouri on 15 December 1956. They had a son, WILLIAM ALVIS McCLANAHAN11, born 6 March 1960. Nancy and Sidney were divorced on 7 December 1970. Nancy married John Anthony Brown in June 1973. Mr. Brown died 16 February 1978. There were no children. Nancy is a professional woman and lives in Ohio, ( 1981).

WILLIAM LEWIS ALVIS10 son of Linwood Alvis and Esther Neblett, was born in St. Louis, 5 May 1941. He died 13 July 1953, in Mexico, Missouri, and is buried there.

HERMAN  ALVIS9, son of William R. Alvis and Lillie Dora Pegram, was born at Ripley, Mississippi, 7 October 1910. He finished high school at Ripley and attended Mississippi State University. He moved to St. Louis along with his mother and younger brother in the early 1930s. Herman was a department manager with the Union Electric Company, where he worked for 40 years. He is now retired and lives in St. Louis. Herman married Dora Daphne Davis, at Hillsboro, Jefferson County, Missouri on 23 September 1939. She was born at Bunker, Reynolds County, Missouri, 29 August 1916, and was the daughter of James Franklin Davis and Lillie Jane Miner. Herman and Daphne had four children: JANET" was born 23 August 1940 and died 4 December 1940.  GEORGE HERMAN was born in St. Louis 3 January 1942. He is with the Wall-Mart Stores in Sikeston, Missouri. ROGER BRUCE was born in St. Louis 1 December 1945, and is employed at Barnes Hospital. ROBERT LEE was a senior at the University of California at Chico in 1980, and likely has
graduated from that institution.

EDWARD ARLINGTON ALViS9, son of Lillie Dora Pegram and William R Alvis, was born at Ripley, Mississippi 22 November 1913. He graduated from the Ripley High School in 1930, and moved to St. Louis with his mother and brother Herman. He was an insurance salesman. He entered the army in 1941. He was a Sergeant in an armoured tank division under General Patton. He was in the Battle of Normandy, and the Battle of the Bulge. He later served in the Military Police. Since his discharge in 1945 Edward has been in St. Louis. He is a salesman.

WALTER WINCHESTER PEGRAM8 (Samuel William7, Samuel Gilliam6, Edward5, Daniel4, Edward3, Daniel2, George1) was born 20 April 1883 at Falkner, Mississippi. Figure 22 is a poor likeness, but the only available one. The name Winchester is a family name. Walter's great


grandfather had a brother named Winchester, who has  many descendants in the Charlotte, North Carolina area,  a number of whom have borne the name Winchester.  Walter moved to Ripley with his parents about 1888, and to the farm, one mile east of Ripley, when his father purchased the Hindman place. He was educated in the  local schools. He married Viola Childers, 11 February  1906. She was the daughter of Alfred Childers and Martha  Dunnam.

Walter's father was instrumental in getting one of the early rural mail routes established in Tippah County, and Walter served as a mail carrier from the time that he was a young man until his death. His route was for the most part from Ripley east. Walter was a great fox hunter and was known over  several states for the fine Walker fox hounds that he had. They were very much sought after following his death. Walter and other fox hunting enthusiasts would mount horses, usually on a weekend, and take to the country for a chase. They often spent the night listening to the hounds. The large number of fine dogs with their variation in voices,  made music to their ears. One has to be a dedicated fox  hunter to appreciate the relaxation, joy and contentment
Walter Winchester connected with the chase. There were two varieties of  foxes in the area, the red fox and the grey fox. The red foxes were the choice of the hunters. They would run far and long, unlike the grey fox which would hole up sooner, and thus end the chase. The hunters never liked for the dogs to catch the foxes. They wanted to protect them, especially the red foxes, for future chases.

Walter died 17 May 1928, and Viola died 23 March 1971. Both are buried at Wier's Chapel, a few miles southwest of Ripley, where Walter's parents and other family members are interred. Walter and Viola had four children: CARL GASTON9, WALTER RAY, JAMES and RUTH.

CARL GASTON PEGRAM9, known as "Cap", was born in Tippah County, Mississippi, 20 February 1907. He graduated from the Ripley High School, and attended the University of Mississippi for a time. Carl was for a number of years with a rubber company in Akron, Ohio. He married Anna Lee Wright of Falkner, Mississippi, 21 January 1930. She was the daughter of Walter Washington Wright and Erin L. Pearce. Carl and Anna Lee lived in Water Valley, Mississippi, where Carl owned a store for many years, until his retirement. He died 10 January 1981, and was buried at Wier's Chapel. Carl and Anna Lee had two sons: CARL LEE10 and JOE DONALD.

CARL LEE PEGRAM10 was born 19 October 1930 in Akron, Ohio and died 22 April 1945 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

JOE DONALD PEGRAMI0, second son of Carl and Anna Lee, was born 2 July 1936 at Akron, Ohio. Joe grew up in Water Valley, Mississippi. He graduated from the University of Mississippi, with a degree in mathematics. He was awarded the Ph.D in mathematics and statistics from the Texas A. and M. University. He early obtained a reputation in computer science. He was Director of the Computer Center at the University of Mississippi, and was Assistant Head of the Computer Science Department at the Mississippi State University. Dr. Pegram later studied law and was awarded the Juris Doctorate from the University of Mississippi. He is engaged in the private practice of law at Oxford, Mississippi, and has attracted public attention by his handling of some noteworthy criminal cases.

Joe Donald married Carolyn Carrington Carter, 3 1 December 1973. They had a daughter ANNA REED11,  born 29 March 1981; and a son JOE DONALD II11 born 14 December 1983, at Oxford,


Mississippi. Carolyn was previously married to Hugh Carter Clayton, deceased, and has a daughter Emily Bausche Carter Clayton, born 20 November 1970.

WALTER RAY PEGRAM9, son of Walter Winchester Pegram and Viola Childers, was born at Ripley, Mississippi, 5 August 1909. He attended school at Ripley and at Chalybeate, Mississippi. Walter Ray was with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company for many years, first in Akron, Ohio, and then in Los Angeles, California. He married Inez Thorne, who was born in Los Angeles 28 March 1906. Walter Ray retired and was living at Arroyo Grande, California, at the time of his death on 29 January 1983. He was buried in Valley Memorial Park at Los Osos, California. There was no issue, but Inez had a son by a previous marriage.

JAMES TAYLOR PEGRAM9, the third child of Walter Winchester Pegram and Viola Childers, was born at Ripley, 26 August 19 13. James bore the family name of Taylor for his maternal grandmother, Martha Jane Taylor. He married Rose Groff at Akron, Ohio, 1 November 1937; and they moved to Orlando, Florida in 1944. He was a thirty third degree Mason, and Secretary of the Scottish Rite Temple in Orlando. He died 2 February 1978. James and Rose had two children:

JAMES TAYLOR PEGRAM JR.10 was born 28 May 1941 in Akron, Ohio. He married Helen Victoria Drucker. They live in Orlando, Florida and have one son, JOSEPH MICHEAL11, born 28 April 1964. He is attending the Eastrnan School of Music, in Rochester, New York, (1981).

SUE PEGRAM10, daughter of James Taylor Pegram and Rose Groff, was born in Clearwater, Florida, 17 November 1944. She obtained a degree in biology from the University of Central Florida. She married James L. Long, and they live in Orlando.

RUTH PEGRAM9, the only daughter of Walter Winchester Pegram and Viola Childers, was born at Ripley, Mississippi 2 September 1924. She was educated in the Ripley Schools, and was married to Vernon Y. Davis, of the Shady Grove Community, west of Ripley, on 30 May 1947. Mr. Davis is the son of E. Y. Davis and Emma Grisham. He is in the automobile and funeral home business in Ripley, and lives some seven miles west at the family homestead. Ruth and Vernon had three Daughters: SALLY DIANE10, BETTY JANE and CAROL ANN.

SALLY DIANE DAVIS10 was born in Tippah County, Mississippi 24 November 1948. She attended Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, Mississippi. She married Jerry Wayne Holley on 23 November 1968, and they have two children: JENNIFER CARRIE11, born 25 March 1971; and SPENCER DAVIS, born 29 September 1974. Sally Diane is on the administrative staff of the Tippah County Hospital at Ripley.

BETTY JANE DAVISl0, daughter of Ruth Pegram and Vernon Davis, was born in Ripley, Mississippi on 2 1 October 1952. She graduated from the Mississippi State University, and is an art teacher in the public school system of Starkville, Mississippi. She was married to Robert Tyson Gair on 7 June 1975.

CAROL ANN DAVIS10, daughter of Ruth Pegram and Vernon Davis, was born at Ripley, Mississippi on 21 August 1957. She attended the University of Mississippi. She was married to Jeffrey Haimes Farese. This marriage ended in divorce. Carol is now owner and operator of a health food restaurant in Oxford, Mississippi, 1983.



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