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Issue of Edward Pegram3

ELIZABETH PEGRAM4 (Edward3, Daniel2, George1) was the fifth child of Edward Pegram3 and Mary Scott Baker. She was born 24 August 1750 (8), apparently in what is now Dinwiddie County. There is some confusion relative to the marriage of Elizabeth. It has been stated that she married Samuel Scott (41). There are a large number of people, especially in Arkansas and Texas, who claim to be descendants of Elizabeth, and they state that she married John Peter Woodward, and that they have substantiation of this. I have not seen the data. The Woodwards were definitely a Dinwiddie family contemporary with the Pegrams, and Elizabeth could well have married John Peter Woodward. This appears most likely. It has been stated that Elizabeth Pegram5, daughter of William Pegram4 and Elizabeth _____, may have married Samuel Scott, and had Theodoric, Elizabeth Pegram and Nathaniel Green Scott (41,45). Information in the Pegram papers (45) is to the effect that Elizabeth4 was not married, at least by 1782, but this has not been confirmed. She would have been thirty two years of age at that time, but could have married later.

SALLIE W. PEGRAM4, daughter of Edward Pegram and Mary Scott Baker, was born in Dinwiddie County, 12 June 1853. She married Daniel Eppes. There is no reliable record of the issue of Sallie and Daniel. One unidentified and somewhat questionable source listed a daughter, MARY EPPES5, who married Benjamin Boisseau. They in turn had a daughter THYRZE HOLT. She married Lemuel Holt Vaughan and had issue BENJAMIN BOISSEAU7, who married Sarah Ellen Vaughan.


GEORGE PEGRAM4 (Edward3, Daniel2, George1) was born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, 29 August 1755. He married Elizabeth Williamson. George organized and commanded a company of soldiers from Dinwiddie County, during the Revolutionary War, and was its Captain. The following Public Service Claim regarding George Pegram appeared in Dinwiddie County Court Booklet (Payment for services to the Continental Army or Militia).

At a court continued and held on the 23rd. day of April 1782 - To George Pegram, Gent. 11 ration 1/13 22 gal. corn @ 6d and 83 bushels fddder 1 - I I - 9.

The earliest recorded Masonic Lodge chartered in Dinwiddie County was granted to Union Lodge No. 27 in 1788. Francis Muir was Master. Other officers were George Pegram and William Hardaway. The Lodge met at Mason's Hall in Dinwiddie County, the exact location of which remains uncertain. The Lodge became inactive by 1816, and was dropped from the rolls of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Virginia in 1835. George Pegram was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates in 1786-1787 and in 1788- 1 789. He served alternately with Joseph Jones and William Watkins, representing Dinwiddie County, during the period from the close of the Revolutionary War until the ratification of the Constitution in 1788 (40)George was a Justice of the County Court in 1788, 1789 and 1790.


Among the military certificates in the land office there are often Treasury warrants found. . . . Here is one to Rebecca Hill.

"To the principal surveyor of any county within the Commonwealth of Virginia. This shall be your warrant to survey and lay off in one or more surveys for Rebecca Hill, in consideration 3676 pounds current money etc." Signed John Harvie, Reg. of Land Off. 14 Dec. 1782. On the reverse side of this certificate is the following: "I assign this warrant to Mr. George Booth, June 11 th. 1783. Witnesses
John Booth, Gilliam Booth and Robert Cryer."

"I assign the within warrant to William Yates, this 14 July 1787." "I assign the within warrant to George Pegram, 2nd. April 1797. Signed Francis Muir, for William Yates."

April 9, 1804, "I assign 401 acres, part of this warrant to Ludson Worsham." Signed George Pegram.

April 17,1804. "I assign 64 acres, a part of this warrant to Baker Pegram." Signed George Pegram.

"Land Office Treasury warrant, No. 14954, due to Rebecca Hill, and assigned to George Pegram,
2235 acres."

Located for George Booth, 60 acres, Sussex County.
Located for John Johnson, 86 acres, Sussex County.
Located for Ludson Worsham, 401 acres in Dinwiddie County.
Located for Baker Pegram, 64 acres in Dinwiddie County.
Located for Joshua Sanders, 123 acres in Dinwiddie County.
Located for Thomas Woodward, 61 acres in Dinwiddie County.

Balance due George Pegram, unlocated 1440 acres.

Mr. Charles Blackgrove, "Please deliver the exchange warrant to Daniel Pegram, and oblige, Signed George Pegram.

Rec'd. of the Reg of Land Off. Ex. Wt. for 1440 acres, issued March 18 1 1, to George Pegram," Signed Daniel Pegram (96, V. 3).

George Pegram was Vestryman of Bristol Parish in 1802 (68).

"An act authorizing George Pegram to erect a public warehouse in the town of Petersburg," passed 31 December 1805, Hennings Statutes, Vol. 16, P. 216, quoted from Pegram (45).

A platt book survived the Dinwiddie Courthouse fire of 1833. George Pegram was apparently Surveyor of Dinwiddie County. Page 96 contains two survey platts with descriptions. The surveys were dated 5 and 6 of February 18 10, respectively. Both were signed by Daniel Pegram DS (Probably Dinwiddie Surveyor) for George Pegram Sr. DC (Probably Dinwiddie County Surveyor). The letters also could indicate a professional surveyor's certification of some sort. George was most likely the son of Edward3, since he was designated as Sr., and was probably the official surveyor of the county. Daniel was likely George's son, who was doing survey work for his father, however he could have been the son of William4, George's brother.

The issue of George Pegram and Elizabeth Williamson was EDWARD HENRY5, DANIEL, JOHN, SARAH "SALLIE", ELIZABETH "BETSY", KATHERINE "KATE," and HANNAH.

EDWARD HENRY PEGRAM5, son of George Pegram and Elizabeth Williamson, was born in Dinwiddie County, He married Rebecca Scott5, daughter of Capt. William Scott and Ann Mason, thus a sister of General Winfield Scott (45). Their home was "Hatchers Run" in Dinwiddie County. Edward Henry and Rebecca had the following issue:

REBECCA WINFIELD6, died unmarried.
GEORGE EDWARD, m. Mary Drake of Richmond, c. RICHARD EDWARD7.
LUCY ELIZABETH, died unmarried.
MARY ANN, m. Benjamin Walter Smithey of Prince Edward Co., c. ALICE KENNON7 and BENJAMIN WALTER JR.
WILLIAM EDWARD PEGRAM, died ummarried.

DANIEL PEGRAM5, son of George Pegram and Elizabeth Williamson, was born in Dinwiddie County, no additional information.


JOHN PEGRAM5, son of George Pegram and Elizabeth Williamson, was born in Dinwiddie County. He married Frances Wynn, and they had five children, all born in Dinwiddie County. They were as follows:

ROBERT WYNN6, b. 24 Dec. 1813, m. Mary Booth Warren of Dinwiddie Co., c. JOHN T.7, ELIZABETH FRANCES and MATTIE.
CATHERINE, apparently died unmarried.

MARY A. HARRIET6, b. about 1816; m. Edward A. Pettaway of Petersburg, Va. Mary A. d. 9 Oct. 1855 at home of Richard Christian, "Edge Hill", Amelia Co., Va., c.

WILLIAM EDWARD7, b. 10 Nov. 1835; d. 21 Jan. 1848.
SARAH FRANCES, b. 2 Oct. 1838.
VIRGINIA CATHERINE, b. 2 Jan. 1841; d. 15 March 18___ .
EMMA JANE, b. 15 Nov. 1842; d. 8 Aug. 1845.
MARY W., b. Aug. 1845.

VIRGINIA6, m. Mr. Derrieux, c. daughter7; m. Mr. Jones of Washington, D.C.


SARAH "SALLIE" PEGRAM5, daughter of George Pegram and Elizabeth Williamson, was born in Dinwiddie County. She married David Boisseau, and died without issue. Mr. Boisseau had children by a former wife.

ELIZABETH "BETSY" PEGRAM5, daughter of George Pegram and Elizabeth Williamson, was born in Dinwiddie County, and married Matthew Booth of Amelia County, Virginia. No record of issue is available, although there may have been children.

KATHERINE "KATE" PEGRAM5, daughter of George Pegram and Elizabeth Williamson, was born in Dinwiddie County, and died unmarried.

HANNAH PEGRAM5, daughter of George Pegram and Elizabeth Williamson, was born in Dinwiddie County, and died unmarried (41).


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