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Chapter 8

Issue of Edward Pegram3

WILLIAM PEGRAM4 (Edward3, Daniel2, George1) was the first child of Edward Pegram and Mary Scott Baker. He was born 18 June 1742, apparently in Prince George County, Virginia, now Dinwiddie County. The Bristol Parish record shows that William, stated son of Edward and Mary Baker Pegram, was born on the above date and baptized 4 July 1742, at old Blanford Church. Some of the old Blanford Church records are now in St. Pauls Church in Petersburg (54). It will be recalled that Edward Pegram3, William's father, was apprenticed to Matthew Hayfield in 1737. He would have to have married in 1741 to have had a child in June of 1742. He therefore served a more brief apprenticeship than usual, and must have married immediately afterwards. Unlike most of Edward and Mary's children, the maiden name of William's wife is not known. Her first name was Elizabeth.

Not much is known of the life of William Pegram4. On 1 March 1776 he made seizures of materials belonging to the Whijanocks, meeting in Dinwiddie county (49). He was likely some sort of law officer at the time.

William was a large plantation owner, as his will indicates. He died in 1782 at about 40 years of age. Edward and John Pegram, who would have been his brothers (unless the Edward was his father), were executors of his estate. On 17 May 1785 David Walker, Peter Manson, Henry Reese and John Edmondson examined the accounts of the executors to determine if they complied with the decree of the court. Three hundred pounds, six schillings and one penny were divided equally among the widow, Elizabeth, and each of the children. Twenty six negroes were parcelled out by name to the various heirs. The will directed that the lands were to be divided equally among the parties, (Orders, Dinwiddie County 1789-91). The distribution of the estate of William Pegram is noted in the William and Mary Quarterly (55, 56).

William and Elizabeth had the following children, all named in William's extant Will: DANIEL5, MARY, SARAH or SALLY, ELIZABETH, WILLIAM BAKER and FRANCES. Each will be discussed in the order given, followed by his or her descendants.

DANIEL PEGRAM5, eldest son of William and Elizabeth, was born about 1765 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. He married Rebecca Barnett, orphan of Thomas Barnett. At a court held in Dinwiddie County 19 January 1789, Rebecca chose Daniel Pegram as her guardian. Daniel made bond of 2,000 pounds, with conditions as the law directs. Daniel later married Rebecca. They had issue HENRY DAVID6 and two daughters, whose names are not known. It is said that one daughter married a Mr. Newell and the other a Mr. Newsome. (From the Bible records of Henry David Pegram, quoted by Lumpkin (41).

HENRY DAVID PEGRAM6, son of Daniel Pegram and Rebecca Barnett, was born 23 June 1796 in Petersburg, Virginia. He married Cecelia Fendall Bell, born 10 March 1797 and died 31 July 1880. She was the daughter of George and Ann Bell, and was married at their residence in Hanover, now Louisa County, Virginia.

Henry David enlisted at the outbreak of the war of 1812, at the age of 16 years, at Norfolk, Virginia. He was a Corporal in Capt. Theodore Wilkins' Company. He was mustered out 14 November 1814. He lived in Richmond until 1839 when he moved South. He died 1 February 1844 at Mobile, Alabama. His widow died at the age of 84 years at Richmond, Virginia, and is buried at Schochoe Hill Cemetery. They had seven children, all born in Richmond.


CZORINA EMELINE7, b. 30 Dec. 1816; d. 30 April 1893.
CZORILDA ADELINE, b. 24 Dec. 1818; d. 14 Jan. 1897.
HENRIETTA LOUISA, b. 10 Oct. 1820; d. in infancy.
OPHELIA ANGELINA, b. 12 Dec. 1822; d. 7 April 1879.
HENRY DANIEL, b. 26 Feb. 1825; d. 15 Nov. 1844.
ALEXINA CAROLINE, b. 28 Nov. 1826; d. 19 Dec. 1878.
ORLANDO ALMORAND, b. 1 Sept. 1828; d. 2 June 1898.

MARY PEGRAM5, daughter of William4 and Elizabeth, married John Sims, and is so named in the probate of her father's estate. It has been variously stated that Ann Pegram married John Sims, but the probate of William Pegram's estate names John Sims as the husband of his eldest daughter Mary. It is possible that Mary's name could have been Mary Ann. Compilers and Recorders are often not familiar with the name by which a person is commonly called. At any rate, this definitely establishes the fact that Mary5, daughter of William Pegram4 married John Sims.

Mary Pegram and John Sims had at least two children.

MARY BAKER6, b. Dinwiddie County; m. Isham Matthews, 25 Nov. 1805.
MILLERTON, moved to Franklin, Tenn.; where he was a merchant (52).

SARAH OR SALLY PEGRAM5, daughter of William and Elizabeth Pegram was named in the probate proceedings of her father's estate.

ELIZABETH PEGRAM5, daughter of William and Elizabeth Pegram, poses a question relative to whom she married. According to one source (45), she may have married Samuel Scott, and had issue THEODORICK6, ELIZABETH PEGRAM, and NATHANIEL GREENE, but this has not been substantiated. Elizabeth Pegram4, daughter of Edward Pegram and Mary Scott Baker, is said to have married Samuel Scott and this will be discussed later. Elizabeth' was not married in 1785; date of probate of her father's will.

WILLIAM BAKER PEGRAM5, son of William and Elizabeth Pegram, was born in Dinwiddie County 15 February 1776. He married Martha Coleman, born 1 January 1779 and died in 1854. She was the daughter of Williamson and Milliam Hardaway Coleman. William Baker and Martha moved to Montgomery County, Tennessee, and are shown there in the 1830 census. County records of Montgomery County show several transactions by William Baker Pegram.

18 December 1834 - Deed Book C. page 185 - William B. Pegram of Christian County, Kentucky sold to Samuel Gordon 300 acres in Montgomery County, Tennessee for $2,400. William B. appeared personally and signed. Evidently William had moved to Kentucky after the 1830 census.

Date ? - Deed Book P., page 453 - William B. Pegram sold land in Montgomery County, and is designated as of the state of Illinois. William moved from Kentucky to Illinois, where many of his relatives were.

William Baker Pegram5 and Martha Coleman had ten children, all born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. They were WILLIAM6, JAMES, MILDRED, EDWIN A., DANIEL ETHELBERT, MARY, ELIZABETH, MARIA, AUGUSTIN COLEMAN and JANE, as discussed below.

WILLIAM PEGRAM6 was born in 1801 and married Betsy Ann Stephenson. They were said to have moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. William A. Pegram was shown in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, in the 1850 census, which is in the northwestern section of the state, some distance from Baton Rouge. William and Betsy Ann had a daugher, LAURA7, who married William Whitworth, M.D. they had two children, JULIA ANN' and PEGRAM WHITWORTH.

JAMES PEGRAM6, son of William Baker Pegram and Martha Coleman, was born in 1803, and also moved to Baton Rouge. He is shown in an adjoining Parish, East Feliciana, in the 1840 census, but was in Caddo Parish at the time of the 1850 census, having apparently joined his brother William. James married Mira Hughes and had a son JAMES JR.7, who never married.

MILDRED PEGRAM6, daughter of William Baker Pegram and Martha Coleman,


was born in 1804, and married Lucian Seay, who was born in Virginia. They moved to Tennessee, then to Mason County, Illinois, and then probably to Marathon, Iowa (45). There were two children:

HARRIET7, b. 25 Dec. 1838; m. William Taylor 19 March 1856; son of James and Hattie Taylor of Burbon County, Kentucky.

MARY JANE, b. 23 March 1841 in Montgomery County, Tennessee (45).

EDWIN A. PEGRAM6, son of William Baker Pegram and Martha Coleman, moved to Montgomery County, Tennessee and died there unmarried. His will was probated on 10 July 1889, Will Book S, p. 464.

DANIEL ETHELBERT PEGRAM6, son of William Baker Pegram and Martha Coleman, lived in Montgomery County, Tennessee, and is shown there in the 1840 census. He married Evelina Vaughan.

Daniel and his wife Evelina, or Elvira, deeded to Hiram C. Vaughan, on 8 November 1841, all that part of estate of Joshua P. Vaughan, probably Evelina's father, now in the hands of Mary Vaughan, mother of said Evelina. Signed Daniel E. Pegram and Elvira, her mark, Montgomery County, Tennessee, 8 November 1841, Deed Book S. p. 283.

Daniel and Elvira had the following children: WILLIAM7, JAMES, FRANCES, VIRGINIA and a SON.

MARY PEGRAM6, daughter of William Baker Pegram and Martha Coleman, died unmarried.

ELIZABETH PEGRAM6, daughter of William Baker Pegram and Martha Coleman, was born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia and married Mark K. Landrum. She lived and died in Montgomery County, Tennessee.

MARIA PEGRAM6, daughter of William Baker Pegram and Martha Coleman, was born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia and moved to Montgomery County, Tennessee. She married John Micklam, and they moved to Mason County, Illinois. They had seven children.

MARTHA7, m. John Hardin.
INDIANA, m. Thomas Thompson. STANFIELD
CHARLES, died young.
HARRIET, died young.

AUGUSTIN COLEMAN PEGRAM6, son of William Baker Pegram and Martha Coleman, was born 15 February 1815, in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. He moved with his parents to Tennessee, and about 1836 he moved to Carrollton, Illinois. He married three times. His first wife was Mrs. Sarah Jane Altman Edwins, who died 15 January 1852. She was the mother of at least one child, HARDIN7. Augustin and his second wife, name unknown, had one child, ELIZABETH7, who died young. Augustin's third wife was Milissa Henshaw. They had three children: HENRY C.7, CHARLES and ADDIE, all of whom lived in Chicago.

JANE PEGRAM6, daughter of William Baker Pegram and Martha Coleman, married Phillip Greenhill of Montgomery County, Tennessee, and they had the following issue: ALBERTUS7 LEONIDUS, WILLA, HENRY, RICHARD, MARTHA, and MONTLENA.

MARY PEGRAM4 (Edward3, Daniel2, George1 ), was the first daughter of Edward Pegram and Mary Scott Baker. She was born 6 March 1744 apparently in what was then Prince George County, Virginia, now Dinwiddie (8). Nothing more is known of her.



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