Sir William Harris and Lady Alice Harris
Creeksea (or Cricksea) on River Crouch in Essex County----England
From Essex England To The Sunny
Southern USA - A Harris Family
Journey by Robert E. Harris-1994

This brief introduction to the Harris family of Warren Co., NC is from the above referenced book.  Robert E. Harris has done an outstanding job tracing the Harris family. It should be noted that there was more than one Thomas Harris in Colonial, Va. and other researchers have this account of the ancestry of Thomas Harris rom whom the Warren Co., NC is descended.  See discussion in the notes on the Harris linked tree family files We are posting only the link to our first Warren Co., NC ancestor, Joseph Harris who married Jane (Jean) Edgerton.  The number of descendants of Joseph Harris and his wife Jane (Jean) Edgerton are so numerous, it would require a complete tree to document all of them. We will later include abstracts of public records to assist those descended from this line to document their own ancestry.    This information was sent to us by Sherry whose own family has links to the Harris, Bell, Pegram and related lines showcased on this site.  Sherry has single handedly furnished most of the Warren Co., NC data which we have here  and continues to furnish new information frequently.  Thanks Sherry! 

William Harris was born circa 1550 and died Nov 14, 1616.  He was the son of Arthur Harris and Dorothy Waldegrave and the grandson of William Harris born circa 1500 who did Sept. 21, 1555.  He was was the high sheriff of Essex County, England.  Sir William Harris was knighted on July 23, 1603 at   Otelands by King James I of England.  William and Alice are buried at All Saints Church in Creeksea.

The children of Sir William Harris and Lady Alice Harris were:

Sir Arthur Harris b 1584....d Jan 9, 1632
William Harris b 1585....d 1622
Thomas Harris b 1586....d 1617
John Harris b 1588....d by Oct 14, 1638 in Charles City Co., Va.
Alice Harris
Frances Harris
Elizabeth Harris
Mary Harris

John Harris was born in  1588 at Creeksea-Essex County England and died Oct 14, 1638 in Charles
City County, Va.  John married Dorothy Calcott in England...They arrived 1622 in Virginia Colony,
living on the east side of the James River in Charles City County, at West and   Shirley Hundred.

John Harris and Dorothy Calcott had the following children:

Thomas Harris b 1614....d 1672
Dorothy Harris b 1619....d 1684
John Harris b May l, 1624....d circa 1664
Others, perhaps

Thomas Harris was born in 1614 in England and grew up in Charles City County, Virginia   at West Second Shirley Hundred.  He died in 1672 in Isle of Wight County, Va. at about age 58. Thomas married _______________.

The children of Thomas Harris and wife were:

John Harris b 1635....d 1713
Thomas Harris b 1636....d 1688
Mary Harris b circa 1638

Thomas Harris married 2nd Alice West. Alice, most likely, was a daughter of the West family that lived in Shirley Hundred in Charles City County, Va. Thomas  and his new wife, with his children by his first marriage, moved about 1650  across the James River to the Pagan Creek area of Isle of Wight County, Va.  This area has been referred to as a part of the great dismal swamp.

After the death of Thomas, Alice West Harris married John Sojourner of Virginia   in 1673.


Thomas Harris was born in 1636 in Charles City County, Virginia and died in 1688 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  Apparently, Thomas did not move to Isle of Wight Co, Va until about the time of his father's death. It appears, Thomas had remained in Charles City County with  other relatives, for a few years, before rejoining his family in their new home. Thomas married Ann Martin in Charles City County, Va. Apparently, Ann died before Thomas. The will of Thomas tells the sad story of a 52 year old man leaving nine children without a mother and most of them being very young. The extreme care Thomas took to assure the welfare and  safety of his children revealed his tenderness, love and concern for his children.  He left these explicit instructions:  "If my son, Edward, my overseers, or either of  them shall find that any of my children be abused; that either of them may have the liberty of removing them to some other place where they shall think fit.

Thomas Harris and wife Ann Martin had the following children:

Edward Harris b 1663....d 1734
Jane Harris b 1664
John Harris b 1665
Thomas Harris b 1667....d 1712
Robert Harris b 1674....d 1740
George Harris b 1675....d 1720
Martin Harris b 1676....d 1750
William Harris b 1677....1740
Ann Harris b 1678

Robert Harris......b 1674 in Isle of Wight County, Va....d 1740 Isle of Wight County, Va. Robert married Ann Fulgham (daughter of Michael and Ann Feneryear Fulgham,  her grandparents were Captain Anthony and Martha Fulgham and Richard and  Rebecca Izard.)   They lived in Isle of Wight County, Va. Their home, in 1749 became a part of   the newly created Southampton County. Robert acquired 540 acres of land on   Blackwater Swamp at the fork of Warrick Branch on April 20, 1715 from his   older brother Edward Harris. This land is located in the northeast corner of present  day Southampton County, Va and east of the community of Ivor. Robert signed his will on March 22, 1739. The will was probated on April 28, 1740. He gave each of his children at least some part of his estate. He divided  his land equally between his youngest sons, James and Matthew.

Robert Harris and wife Ann Fulgham had the following children:

Robert Harris b c.1710....d c.1788
John Harris b c.1712....d 1790
Michael Harris b c.1714....d 1794
Charles Harris b c.1716....d Nov 4,1786
Joseph Harris b c.1718....d 1797
James Harris b c.1720....d 1800
Matthew Harris b c.1722....d 1813
Ann Harris b c.1724

Joseph Harris was born circa 1718 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia and died in 1797 in Warren County,   NC. Prior to the year 1750, Joseph, along with his brothers, moved across the  Roanoke River and established their homes along Little Fishing Creek in what is  now Warren County, NC. In 1754, he was enlisted in a Granville County, NC  militi a unit which was commanded by his first cousin, Captain Daniel Harris. Joseph married Jane (Jean-nickname) Edgerton. Jean, was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Nicholson Edgerton

The children of Joseph Harris and Jane (Jean) Edgerton were:

Howard Harris b c.1755....Howard moved to Chesterfield Co, SC
Robert Edgerton Harris b Nov 24, 1758....d May 20, 1843
Martha Harris d 1797 She married Moses Lancaster. 
Elizabeth (Eliza) Harris b Feb 17, 1764
Lucretia Harris d 1847 Lucretia did not marry
Jane (Jenny) Harris
Jellica (Sillica) Harris
Tabitha Harris

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