Descendants of George Pegram
Fourth Generation

13. William Pegram (John , William , George ) was born in 1754. He died on 1 May 1842 in Cumberland Co., North Carolina. He was buried in Pegram Family Cemetery, Harnett Co., North Carolina.

1820 Census of Cumberland Co. shows:

PEGROM, William 1-1-0-0-0-1 0-0-0-1-1

We now have a photograph of his tombstone which shows he was age 88 when he died in 1842.

Directions to cemetery: From Cokesbury Church go North on SR-1403 1/2 mile, turn left on SR-1450 go past a pond on the left to a plantion home in a Oak Grove on the left. Cemetery is located 1/2 mile on the right in heavy wooded area. From photos of the tombstones, they are still in good condition but the area is totally overgrown.

William married (1) Agnes Rhodes on 29 Jan 1779 in Lunenburg Co., Virginia. Agnes was born in York Co., Virginia. She died before 1808 in Cumberland Co., Kentucky.

They had the following children:

40 F i Anna Pegram was born about 1781.
  41 F ii Susan Pegram 1 was born in 1790 in Cumberland Co., North Carolina.

She apparently never married. We find Susan Pegram, age 60, living in the home of Alfred Pegram in 1850 in Cumberland Co., N.C.

William married (2) Lalitha (Talitha) Ann Stephenson 1 daughter of David Stephenson and Charity Pearson on 2 Dec 1808 in Wake Co., North Carolina. Lalitha was born 2 in 1775 in Wake Co., North Carolina. She died on 30 Jul 1871 in Harnett Co., North Carolina. She was buried in Pegram Family Cemetery, Harnett Co., North Carolina.

In 1850 Tabitha is living with her son Stephen and is shown as age 75. Her son George is living a few houses away.

They had the following children:

42 M iii George Washington Pegram was born on 8 Dec 1809. He died on 30 Mar 1884.
43 M iv Stephen Stephenson Pegram was born in 1814. He died about 1854.
44 M v Alfred L. Pegram was born in 1816. He died in 1893.

15. Mary Pegram (Daniel , Daniel , George ) was born about 1743. She died in Warren Co., North Carolina.

Mary married Francis Riggan in Jun 1759. Francis was born about 1730 in Virginia. He died in 1818 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

Francis Riggan Sr. was probably born in Virginia about 1730 and migrated to northeastern North Carolina about 1759 and settled in Granville Co, later Bute Co, later Warren Co. He married Mary Pegram in June 1759, about the same time he was deeded 180 acres by the father of his new wife, Daniel Pegram.

In 1760 he carried chains for Thomas Person, Surveyor for Lord Granville, in 1769 he was appointed Surveyor of Roads in Bute Co. In 1772 he is referred to in Court of Pleas & Quarters records as an "overseer" of roads and in 1777 he as appointed Tax Assessor for Bute Co.

In January 1779 he was one of the original petitioners who signed the "Petition for the Division of Bute Co.," which was presented to the North Carolina General Assembly and ratified at that time.

Francis Sr. died about 1818 and left his which is recorded in Warren Co in Will Book 21 Page 108.

Francis and Mary had the following children:

  45 F i Pricilla Riggan 1 was born about 1759. She died in 1830 in Warren Co., North Carolina.
        Pricilla married Wilmot Egerton 1 son of John Edgerton and Elizabeth Nicholson on 18 Apr 1808 in Warren Co., North Carolina. Wilmot was born on 9 Jun 1748. He died after 1 Apr 1811.

Wilmot Egerton was the son of John Egerton and Elizabeth Nicholson. John Egerton married Elizabeth Nicholson in Surry Co., Va., Nov 27 1726. She was daughter of James and Elizabeth Gray Nicholson. James Nicholson died in 1723 and his widow, Elizabeth, married Richard Andrews, who died circa 1750. About 1751 Elizabeth Nicholson Andrews and sons James and Benjamin Nicholson moved to North Carolina from Surry Co., Virginia. They settled in Edgecombe Co. and Elizabeth Andrews' will was probated there in Jan 1768.
46 M ii William Pegram Riggan was born in 1761. He died on 29 Dec 1838.
  47 F iii Molly Riggan was born about 1763.
48 M iv Francis B. Riggan was born on 7 Mar 1764. He died in 1846.
49 M v Daniel Riggan was born about 1765. He died in 1832.
50 F vi Betsy Riggan was born about 1768.
  51 F vii Frances Riggan was born about 1780.
        Frances married William Rooker on 25 Feb 1819 in Warren Co., North Carolina. William was born in 1786. He died about 1831 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

16. Daniel Pegram (Daniel , Daniel , George ) was born about 1745 in Virginia. He died on 13 Sep 1827 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

Daniel Pegram and his wife, Agnes Jones are the ancestors of many family members from Rockingham Co., North Carolina and Pegram, Tennessee area.

The Bute Co., North Carolina court records reflect that in May 1769 " On petition of Daniel Pegram Jr. for leave to take child laid to him born of the body of Rebecca Mangum. Ordered that child be put into his father Daniel Pegrum's family to be raised and brought up". We think we have found Daniel's "baseborn" child mentioned in the court records. There is a tombstone located on the banks of Haw River in Guilford Co. in an abandoned cemetery that reads "Here lyeth the body of Rachel Pegram who departed this life the X day of Sept 1789 Age 26 yrs" That would place her birth date circa 1763 and there is simply no one else that would fit. Daniel would have been married to Agnes Jones by this time so Rachel could not be his wife and she is too old to be anyone's daughter. No doubt she traveled with Daniel and his family when they made their first excursion to Guilford Co. and died on the trip or shortly after their arrival.

Daniel was crippled in Battle at Alamance which is known as the North Carolina Regulators War. He was later awarded a pension of 20 pounds a year. The following is from the Bute Co., Court Records for Nov. 13, 1778:

"Whereas in the year 1771 a resolve of assembly was passed for the allowing the sum of twenty pounds a year to several pensioners on a Military Establishment (they being wounded soldiers) and Daniel Pegram being one of the said list of Pensioners and hath for five years received the sum of his said pension, and he being as their court conceives Still a fit object for a continuance of the pension aforesaid, and they taking his Case and Circumstances into consideration, they do hereby recommend him to the next assembly as one who is fully deserving from his misfortune to have his pension aforesaid continued to him, from the time it first ceased."

Again on November 10, 1779 we find the following:

"Ordered that the Treasurer pay Daniel Pegram the sum of Twenty pounds Current money of this State yearly, for four years to this date as his pension for being Crippled in the battle at the Allimance and still remaining as such."

Daniel left Warren Co., between 1789 as evidenced by the above referenced tombstone and 1808 and resettled in present Rockingham/Guilford Co., North Carolina area where he purchased a small tract of land that he later sold to his son, Gideon Pegram. Daniel may have briefly gone to Tennessee with his son Daniel but if so, he returned to North Carolina where he died in 1827. His wife, Agnes Jones survived him and is found on the 1830 census of Rockingham Co., North Carolina. living beside her son, Gideon Pegram. She apparently died before the 1840 census was taken.

Daniel married Agnes Jones daughter of Samuel Jones and Agnes Nee about 1778 in Warren Co., North Carolina. Agnes died before 1840 in Rockingham Co., North Carolina.

Notes for Agnes Jones: Thomas Jones of Bute Co., Colony of North Carolina releases his claim to share of Estate of Samuel Jones deceased to his Mother, Agness Jones and his brothers and sisters for 45 pds. Wit : Joseph Williams, Jos. Busby & Jonathan Riggan. April 27, 1772, recorded Aug. Ct. 1793. (Warren Co., North Carolina WB: 242). Agreement in division of Estate of Samuel Jones, dec'd. Agnis Jones, Widow to have lifetime use of negroes belonging to her sons and daughters: William Jones, Thomas Bell, Henry Jones, Agnis & Sally Jones in exchange for their having the 1/3 of the land which their Mother now has as her share. Wit: Daniel Pegram & William Clements. Proved by James Paine,, Esq. who swore to the handwriting of Daniel Pegram, dec'd. Dated 13 May 1772 not recorded until 1792. (Warren Co., North Carolina WB6:255) NOTE: Both of the above were not recorded for some reason until 20 years after they were executed. Based on this, it would appear that Daniel Pegram married Agnes Jones after the date of this partition which was 1772. They were married before his father died in 1776. Based on above we can also tell that Agnes Jones Pegram was the daughter of Samuel Jones.

Daniel and Agnes had the following children:

52 M i Henry (Harris) Pegram was born about 1779.
53 M ii Gideon Pegram was born about 1780. He died after 1850.
54 M iii Daniel Pegram was born about 1782. He died in 1819.
55 F iv Mary Pegram was born on 28 Nov 1783. She died on 7 Jul 1877.
56 F v Agnes Pegram was born in 1791.
57 M vi Zachariah Pegram was born in 1802.

17. George Pegram (Daniel , Daniel , George ) was born about 1750 in Virginia. He died in 1825 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

George married Lucretia Bell.

We have not been able to document the wife of George Pegram from extant public records although other family members in the Warren County, North Carolina area have given her name as Lucretia Bell. We are aware of the existence of additional contemporary records that are still in the hands of descendants of George Pegram in the Warren County, North Carolina area and it is possible these records may be the source of the name of George's wife. We are in contact with family members who are trying to obtain copies of these records to share with all our Pegram cousins. Until we find further documentation, placing Lucretia Bell as the wife of George Pegram is merely heresay.

George and Lucretia had the following children:

58 M i John Pegram was born on 12 Feb 1771. He died on 3 Apr 1836.
59 M ii William Pegram was born about 1778. He died about 1876.
60 M iii George Pegram was born about 1780. He died in 1832.
61 M iv Thomas Pegram was born about 1782. He died in 1816.
62 F v Nancy Pegram was born about 1784. She died before 1850.
  63 F vi Sarah "Sally" Pegram was born 1 about 1788 in Warren Co., North Carolina.
  64 F vii Martha Pegram was born 1 about 1790 in Warren Co., North Carolina. She died about 1850 in Warren Co., North Carolina.
  65 F viii Lucretia Pegram was born 1 about 1792 in Warren Co., North Carolina. She died about 1850 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

18. Gideon Pegram (Daniel , Daniel , George ) was born about 1755 in Warren Co., North Carolina. He died in 1823 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

Gideon Pegram filed a guardian account for the orphans of John Harton February Court 1808--the year Daniel came of age. The record is on file in the North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh. He was appointed Guardian to Daniel at the August Court in 1801 and paid bond for 1000 pds to Wyatt Hawkins, Dudley Clanton, and Gideon H. Macon, Justices. Security: Burwell Harton Witness Wm Robards.

Will Book 25 page 226, of Warren County, North Carolina has Gideon's Will wherein he devises to his daughter Patsy Nicholson the land "bought of Gideon Harton and Thomas Harton formerly the lands of John Harton". To granddaughter Martha A. Vaughan after death of Charity he left "lands beginning at George Pegram's at the head of Mirey Branch down to Hobquarter Creek also one feather bed and good furniture" Gideon Pegram served in the American Revolution. Although we find records indicating that all 4 sons of Daniel Pegram served in some capacity, Gideon is the only one we have found on a roster.

Gideon married Charity Harton 1 daughter of Thomas Harton and Mary Bell in Warren Co., North Carolina. Charity was born about 1760 in Bute Co., North Carolina. She died after 1823 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

Charity Harton was the daughter of Thomas Harton and his wife Mary Bell, daughter of Thomas Bell and wife Mary Thompson.

The will of Thomas Harton was dated 28 January 1795, probated February Court, 1795 and recorded in WB8:26. He names wife Mary Harton, sons Howel Harton, Thomas Harton, John Harton, Burrel Harton and Hardy, and daughters Mary Jones, Charity Pegram and Lucy Harton.

They had the following children:

66 F i Elizabeth Pegram was born in 1785. She died after 1870.
67 F ii Martha L. (Patsey) Pegram was born in 1793.

19. Edward Pegram (Daniel , Daniel , George ) was born about 1759 in Granville Co., North Carolina. He died in 1802 in Belews Creek, Forsyth Co., North Carolina.

Edward married Patty Jean 1 daughter of William Jean and Huldah Edmonds on 23 Aug 1779 in Warren Co., North Carolina. Patty was born in Brunswick Co., Virginia.

She is also identified as Martha Jaynes in LDS records.

They had the following children:

  68 F i Mary (Polly) Pegram.
  69 F ii Elizabeth (Betsy) Pegram.
70 F iii Delilah Pegram was born about 1781. She died after 1850.
71 F iv Nancy Rand Pegram was born on 18 Jun 1788. She died on 25 May 1858.
72 M v John Pegram was born on 19 Jun 1790. He died on 26 Feb 1851.
73 M vi William Pegram was born about 1793. He died in 1822.
74 M vii George Pegram was born on 17 Aug 1795. He died on 20 Jun 1875.

20. Martha (Patty) Pegram (Daniel , Daniel , George ) was born about 1760 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

Martha married Thomas Bell 1 son of Thomas Bell and Unknown on 12 Nov 1782 in Warren Co., North Carolina. Thomas was born on 1 Jan 1760 in Warren Co., North Carolina. He died in 1847 in Tennessee.

This Thomas Bell represents the 3rd generation in Warren Co., The first Thomas Bell who died in 1761 was married to Mary Thompson. They had a son, Thomas Bell, who died in 1782. The second Thomas Bell was married to a daughter of Samuel Jones and wife Agnes who were also the parents of Daniel Pegram's wife, Agnes Jones.

Thomas Bell (2) left his Will dated 26 May 1782, probated November Court 1782 and recorded in WB3:159. He names sons Thomas Bell, John Bell, William Bell and Muntford Bell and daughter Patty. He left a life estate to his wife, not named. Sons William Bell and Muntford Bell are identified as being minors. Executors were Henry Jones, Jesse Bell and Daniel Pegram. Witnesses were John Colclough, John Harton and Daniel Pegram.

The 1800 Census of Warren Co. shows that Thomas Bell and wife Martha have 2 sons. One is between 10 and 15 and the other is 16 to 25. They have 2 daughters between 10 and 15 which we have not identified. In 1810, there are no males left in the home. We know that Thomas, Jr. and his new wife are living close by. John is not found in Warren Co. in 1810 and may have left with other family members who had already started westward.

Thomas Bell (3) and his wife Martha Pegram, together with the familiy of their adult son, Thomas , went to Tennessee shortly after the turn of the century along with Daniel Pegram (Martha's nephew) who had married Lucy Milam. Many of Lucy Milam's family traveled with them. Also in this migration was John Bell who we believe was a brother of Thomas Bell. The Pegrams, Bells and Milams all lived within shouting distance of each other in Warren Co., and soon settled within shouting distance of each other in what is now Cheatham Co., Tennessee. Unfortunately for anyone researching these families, they began spreading to other areas shortly after arriving in Tennessee.

John Bell, who we believe to be a brother of Thomas Bell (3) is of interest since his descendants subsequently married back into the Pegram family.

They had the following children:

75 M i Thomas Bell was born on 10 Oct 1788. He died on 13 Jan 1867.

21. Sarah Pegram 1 (Daniel , Daniel , George ) was born about 1761 in Warren Co., North Carolina. She died in 1800 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

Sarah appears to be a later child born to Daniel and Frances Pegram. This is based on the fact that it is not likely John Harton would have married the much older Sarah born in 1741 and also that Sarah born in 1841 would not likely be the mother of their youngest child, John Harton, born in 1790.

Sarah married John Harton 1, 2 son of Thomas Harton and Mary Bell on 9 Nov 1780 in Warren Co., North Carolina. John was born in 1760 in Warren Co., North Carolina. He died 3 in 1794 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

John Harton was the son of Thomas Harton and wife Mary Bell and the grandson of Thomas Bell and wife Mary (Thompson) Bell. John was witness to the will of Thomas Bell 26 May 1782 (Warren Co., North Carolina WB3) along with John Colclough, Jesse Bell, and Daniel Pegram.

In Deed Book 12, p 287 there is a record of John Harton buying land from Mary Bell and later getting clearance from Montfort Bell, son of Thomas Bell, Jr. The date was Jan 1793 and the record shows Mary Bell, Thomas Bell, John Bell, William Bell, and Montfort Bell selling 20 acres to John Harton for 72 pounds Virginia money " land willed to said Bells by Thomas Bell decd., lying on Hubquarter's Creek... It is further described as "beginning at the mouth of Plant Patch branch thence up the sd branch to a hickory, John Harton's corner thence to Henry Jones' line then to branch called barn branch, thence down the sd branch to the creek then up the creek to the mouth of plant patch branch to the beginning being the land whereon the sd Thos. Bell decd formerly lived". Witnessed by Geo. Nicholson, Burwell Harton and Gideon Pegram. This land adjoined the land Sarah (Salley) Pegram was willed by her father, Daniel Pegram.

The Will of Thomas Harton dated January 28, 1795; probated at February Court 1795 and recorded in Volume 8, Page 26 Will Books of Warren County, North Carolina gives 112 1/2 acres where he now lives to his son Howel Harton and provides that Howel Harton is to pay 6 pounds and 5 shillings to the children of John Harton. It names his wife, Mary Harton, sons Thomas Harton, John Harton, Burrel Harton.

On 29 Aug 1804 John Harton, orphan of John Harton aged about 13 was apprenticed to Gideon Pegram till age 21 to "learn the art of being a planter." (Warren Co., North Carolina WB 12, P243). Gideon Pegram was an uncle to this John Harton since John's sister, Charity Harton married Gideon Pegram.

They had the following children:

76 M i Daniel Harton was born in 1787. He died in Sep 1826.
77 M ii Gideon Harton was born on 21 Apr 1789. He died after 1870.
78 M iii John P. Harton was born in 1791. He died before Jan 1838.
  79 M iv Thomas Harton 1 was born 2, 3 in 1793 in Warren Co., North Carolina. He died on 3 Aug 1863 in Canton, Madison Co., Mississippi.

He may have remarried since the wife's name on the 1860 Census does not appear to be Tabitha and her age is given as 60.

The indices for the 1850 census have the name spelled as Haiton but he is correctly shown as Thom. Harton on the Madison Co. slave schedules for 1850.
        Thomas married Judith W. Unknown. Judith was born in 1799.

22. William S. Pegram 1 (Edward , Daniel , George ) was born on 18 Jun 1742 in Prince George Co., Virginia. He was christened on 4 Jul 1742 in Bristol Parish, Virginia. He died in 1789.

The following is a copy of the division of Williams Pegram's Estate, Court of Quarterly Session for Dinwiddie County, 18th day of August, 1789.

Daniel Pegram Complaint against Elizabeth Pegram, widow and relict of William Pegram, deceased, John Sims and Mary, his wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, William Baker and Frances, well beloved Pegrams, orphans of the said William, and Edward and John Pegram Executors of the said William, Defendants.

Pursuant to a former decretal order made in this cause, David Walker, Peter Hanson, Henry Reese, and John Edmondson the persons therein named made this report, in the words following to-wit : " Pursuant to an interlocutory decree of the worshipful Court of Dinwiddie bearing date the 17th of May 1786, we the subscribers having examined the accounts of the administrators of Edward and John Pegram, executors of the estate of William Pegram, deceased, have found these accounts, which are hereto annexed properly stated and adjusted, with proper members and also have found, that after paying all debts and fully Administering the said estate there remained in the bands of the said executors the sum of 326 pounds 6 shillings and 1 penny in bonds due from sundry persons to the said estate which bonds we have equally divided among the widow and children of the said William Pegram, deceased, to be distributive share of each amounting to 46 pounds 6 shillings and 7 pence, we have further also been pursuance of the said interlocutory decree, divided and distributed the negroes whereof the said decedent, William Pegram died seized and possessed in the following manner, to-wit : To Daniel, eldest son of the said decedent we have set apart and alotted a negro man named Scott, a negro boy named Fountain, a negro girl named Edy, and a negro girl named Dinah : To Elizabeth Pegram, Widow and relict of said William Pegram, deceased, we have distributed and alotted a negro woman named Isabell, a negro girl named Blandly, and a negro woman named Belzy. To Sally Pegram, daughter of the said decedent, we have divided, set apart and alotted a negro woman named Grace, a negro boy named Will, a negro girl named Little Nanny, and a negro boy named Jene. To John Simms and his wife Mary Simms, eldest daughter of the said decedent, we have set apart and alotted a negro woman named Alsi, a negro girl name Katie, a negro fellow named Joe, and a negro woman named Hannah. To Elizabeth Pegram, daughter of the said decedent, we have alotted a negro girl named Pat, a negro boy named Ambrose, and a negro boy named Isaac ; to Frances, well beloved Pegram, a negro woman named Jennie, a negro boy named Jenkins, a negro woman named Nannie, and a negro girl named Sarah : To William Baker Pegram, we have alotted and set apart a negro woman named Lucy, a negro girl named Olive, a negro girl named Amy, and a negro fellow named Jack : and whereas in our estimation the allotments of negroes to some were more valuable than others, we in order to equalize all the allotments, directed Daniel Pegram to pay his sister Frances, well beloved, 6 pounds 7 shillings and to his sister Elizabeth 4 pounds 16 shillings ; John Simms to pay William Baker Pegram 6 pounds 7 shillings, to Sally Pegram 4 pounds 8 shillings and to Elizabeth daughter of said decedent 8 shillings ; also Elizabeth the widow of the decedent should pay Elizabeth the daughter of the said decedent 1 pound 3 shillings which sums so directed to be paid were accordingly settled and satisfied. Moreover we wished (in obedience to the said decree) to alott and divide the land whereof the said decedent died seized and possessed as ordered and directed by the said decree. We could not do it because the surveyor did not attend. David Walker, Peter Manson, Henry Reese, John Edmondson " on consideration whereof it is decreed and ordered that the said partition and division be confirmed and established between the parties and their heirs, and that the costs of this suit be equally borne between them.

A copy teste
A. M. Orgain, Clerk.

William married Elizabeth Swanson daughter of Unknown Swanson and Joyce Unknown. Elizabeth was born in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.

The Will of her mother, Joyce Swanson, was dated 11 Feb. 1796 and recorded in Brunswick Co., Virginia, Will Book 6, pp. 188-9, includes the following: "... Item I give and bequeath unto my Grand Son William Pegram Sims three Shillings Item I give and bequeath unto my Grand Son Millington Sims the sum of three Shillings..."

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

80 M i Daniel Pegram was born about 1765. He died in 1818.
81 M ii William Baker Pegram was born on 13 Feb 1776. He died before 1850.
82 F iii Mary Pegram.
  83 F iv Sarah (Sally) Pegram was born before 1789 in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.
84 F v Elizabeth Pegram was born before 1789.
  85 F vi Frances Pegram was born before 1789 in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.

24. Edward Pegram (Edward , Daniel , George ) was born on 13 Jan 1745/1746 in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia. He died on 30 Mar 1816 in Diamond Spring, Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.

Edward "King" Pegram was born June 13, 1745," at "Diamond Springs. It was located in Dinwiddie Co., VA near the Dinwiddie Courthouse. He was the son of Edward Pegram and Mary Scott (Baker) Pegram. He married (1) Mary Lyle (Lile), March 1, 1765. She was born in 1742. It is believed that either he, or his father, Edward, built "Village View" located ten miles below Petersburg, Virginia, where he resided.

Edward was appointed "Special Commander: by the Colonial Government to defend his parish and country from attacks by Indians. His services, in this capacity, earned him the title of "King" Pegram. He was a big man, "6' 6" in his stocking feet, and of large proportions." He was a surveyor in Dinwiddie Co.,. He was a Captain "of marked distinction in the Revolutionary War in Washington's Army." He was known as Captain Edward Pegram the reminder of his life. He became one of the most prominent citizens of Dinwiddie Co., acquiring by grant, and purchase approximately one thousand acres of land in Dinwiddie Co., and many slaves.

Edward was sheriff of Dinwiddie Co. at the time of the following incident and in 1792-93:

"18 December 1778 - Received for the use of Captain Pegram forty eight pounds 2/8 being for reward and pay of guard escorting Thomas Woodward to Public Gaol, Gov.. Warr. Also 169 pounds 1 4/10 for reward and expenses of self and guard John Bond to Public Gaol, Gov. Warr.

Mary Lyle died June 30, 1779, in Dinwiddie Co., "in her 37th yr." Later, in the same year, Edward married (2) Ann Harper Parham, a widow. Ann was married to (1) Ephraim Parham, by whom she had 4 children.

1789 - Dinwiddie Co. Court Baker Pegram, Capt. William Scott, Lieutenant, and Benjamin Andrews, Ensign of the Company Light Infantry in the militia severally took the oath required by the Militia Law of Congress."

In 1790, Edward Pegram, and his brothers George, Baker, Daniel, and John were Gentlemen Justices of the Dinwiddie Court

Virginia State Papers Vol.. 5 - 1790-1792 Edward Pegram, Jr. to The Governor of Virginia 1790 - Nov. 2

"Informing Him that Mr. John Young living in the neighborhood, of Ben. Woodward lately found in an infrequent place in the woods, several pounds of North Carolina currency - the best part of which is signed, also a large bundle of certificates, with every implement for coining (?) with sundry other articles. Being apprehensive of danger from those concerned in that detestable business, he requested them to take charge of them which he has done. He requests the Executives give such directions in the matter as they may think necessary."

Edward served as Mayor of Petersburg, as the following document shows:

"Dear Sir I beg leave to call attention and solicit your aid, in opening the eyes of the Executive to the defenseless and dangerous situation of Fort Powhaten. There is upward of several hundred Kegs of Powder, besides all the Guns and other public property at the Fort, and only twelve men, and several of them too sick to guard it.

If our enemy knew the situation of this place, they would most certainly destroy it, and as the citizens of Richmond must feel equal interest with ourselves in protecting this place. I trust you'll lose no time in communicating the same to the Executive and make known the results to

Your obedient servant, Edw'd Pegram, Jr. Mayor"

In 1807, Edward served on the grand Jury, in Richmond Virginia, that indicted Aaron Burr for treason. Edward was Republican and was head of a Corresponding Committee from Dinwiddie Co., as the Republican Representative to elect the Vice-President and President of the United States, January 23, 1800.

Source: William and Mary Quarterly

Edward married (1) Mary Lyle in 1765. Mary was born in 1742. She died on 30 Jun 1779.

They had the following children:

86 F i Elizabeth Pegram was born on 28 Jan 1766.
87 F ii Mary Baker Pegram was born on 16 Nov 1767. She died in 1822.
88 F iii Rebekah Pegram was born on 28 May 1769.
89 F iv Anne Lyle Pegram was born on 6 Aug 1771. She died on 26 Jan 1825.
90 M v John Pegram was born on 16 Nov 1773. He died on 8 Apr 1831.
  91 M vi Baker Pegram was born on 8 May 1776 in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.
  92 M vii Edward Pegram was born on 10 May 1778 in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.

Edward married (2) Ann Harper in 1780 in probably Virginia. Ann died on 11 Sep 1814.

She was the widow of Ephraim Parham who died in Dinwiddie Co. March 18, 1779. Other sources have given her birth date as 1742 but this would appear to be an error since her youngest child was born in 1795.

Edward and Ann had the following children:

93 F viii Martha P. Pegram was born on 24 Dec 1780. She died on 15 Aug 1855.
94 M ix Robert Edward Pegram was born on 8 Dec 1782. He died on 18 Apr 1824.
95 M x William Pegram was born on 26 Apr 1785.
96 F xi Elizabeth (Betsey) Pegram was born on 31 Jan 1787. She died on 30 Jun 1865.
  97 F xii Harriet B. Pegram was born 1 on 30 Oct 1793 in Virginia.

In 1850, Cincinnatus Stith and his wife Harriet are living in Marengo Co., Alabama next to her sister, Martha P. Scott who is living with her daughter and son-in-law, Matthew Fletcher. Apparently they had no children.
        Harriet married Cincinnatus Stith 1 son of John Stith and Ann Washington. Cincinnatus was born 2 about 1789 in Virginia. He died after 1860.

There was no issue of this marriage.
  98 M xiii George Pegram was born on 26 Sep 1795 in Cedar Green, Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.

25. John Pegram (Edward , Daniel , George ) was born on 20 Dec 1748 in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.

John married Martha Sturdivant daughter of William Sturdivant and Unknown. Martha was born in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.

At a court held for Dinwiddie County on 16 March 1835... Capt. Joel Sturdivant certified that Martha Sturdivant, daughter of William Sturdivant Sr., married John Pegram, by whom she had four children, Edward, John, Frances and Martha., Martha married Stanfield Coleman, son of Capt. Williamson Coleman and Milliam Hardaway Coleman, and had one daughter and died intestate. Frances Pegram married Col. Isham E. Dabney, and afterwards Robert Lanier, but died intestate and without issue.

Although we have a record of children born to Frances Pegram Dabney Lanier, it would appear they must have died in infancy since the court record indicates there is no issue of either marriage.

John and Martha had the following children:

99 M i Edward Pegram was born on 20 Jan 1772. He died on 5 Nov 1814.
100 F ii Frances (Fanny) Pegram was born about 1774.
101 F iii Martha (Patsy) Pegram was born about 1776.
102 M iv John Pegram was born on 13 Apr 1785. He died on 3 Jul 1864.

26. Elizabeth Pegram (Edward , Daniel , George ) was born on 24 Aug 1750 in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.

Elizabeth married John Peter Woodward 1. John was born in 1743 in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia. He died about 1796 in Virginia.

He was a planter in Nottaway Co., Virginia. He was killed in a "house raising" accident in 1796. It is said that Elizabeth died and was buried the day before other members of her family left for Tennessee. Two of her sons, Benjamin and Edward, are listed on the 1820 census of Davidson Co., Tennessee.

They had the following children:

  103 M i Daniel Woodward died after 1812.

He is listed as an inhabitant of Davidson Co., Tennessee in 1812, a member of Capt. Cloyd's Militia Company.
  104 M ii George Pegram Woodward 1 was born on 5 Apr 1767 in Virginia.

Died without issue.
105 M iii William F. Woodward was born on 31 Oct 1769. He died on 30 Sep 1843.
  106 F iv Lucrecy Woodward was born on 19 Dec 1771 in Virginia.

She had issue according to Henry L. Woodward.
        Lucrecy married Richard Sandifer 1.
  107 M v John Woodward 1 was born 2 on 5 Apr 1776.

He died without issue.
108 F vi Martha Woodward was born on 28 Feb 1778.
  109 M vii Jesse Woodward 1 was born 2, 3 on 1 Mar 1780 in Virginia. He died on 5 Mar 1856.

He is listed as Jesse Woodard in the 1812 list of free inhabitant of Davidson Co., Tennessee.
        Jesse married Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born 1, 2 in 1776 in Virginia.
110 M viii Benjamin Franklin Woodward was born on 11 Jul 1782. He died on 5 Jun 1875.
111 M ix Edward Woodward was born on 18 Mar 1792. He died on 3 Jun 1850.
112 M x Baker Woodward was born on 10 Jan 1795. He died about 1835.

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