Descendants of George Pegram
Third Generation

6. John Pegram (William , George ) was born before 1734 in York Co., Virginia. He died in 1769 in James City Co., Virginia.

We know that John owned land in present Warren Co., North Carolina as evidenced by an existing 1769 tax list of Granville Co., North Carolina. We also believe that the William Pegram found on the 1800 census of Warren Co. who is married with children, is the same William Pegram who is also on the 1800 census of Cumberland Co., North Carolina.

John married Elizabeth Richardson?. Elizabeth was born in James City Co., Virginia.

They had the following children:

  12 M i Richardson Pegram was born in York Co., Virginia. He died in 1805 in Chatham Co., North Carolina.
13 M ii William Pegram was born in 1754. He died on 1 May 1842.

7. Daniel Pegram (Daniel , George ) was born in 1720 in Williamsburg, York Co., Virginia. He died in 1777 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

Daniel Pegram, the son of Daniel Pegram and wife Sarah, was born in Williamsburg, York Co., Va. about 1720. He was the grandson of George Pegram and wife ______ Hunt. Although it has been reported that his mother was also a Hunt, there is no documentary evidence to support this. The proof that his grandmother was a Hunt comes from the apprenticeship papers of his uncle, George Pegram, in 1702/3 which state that he was apprenticed with the consent of his uncle, Robert Hunt.

Daniel married Frances sometime before their first daughter, Sarah, was born in 1741 in Bristol Parish, VA. It would appear that this first daughter died young and they subsequently named a later child Sarah as well. The Sarah who later married John Harton had to be much younger.

It has been widely reported that Frances was a Macon but again, there is absolutely no documentary evidence. For many years I was in contact with Mary Hinton Kerr the noted genealogist from Warren Co., North Carolina. She told me that she had suggested the Macon name as a "possible " when questioned about it. However, she stressed that it was only a suggestion - a suggestion that others later assumed as fact.

Daniel and Frances arrived in Granville Co., North Carolina sometime before 1754 when he is shown to be a member of the Granville Co., North Carolina militia. In 1758 he obtained a land grant from Lord Granville for 733 acres of land described as being on both sides of Hubbquarter Creek.

All of the children of Daniel Pegram are named in his Will dated November 15, 1776 and recorded in WB A, Page 170, Warren Co., North Carolina.

Daniel married Frances Unknown about 1740 in Virginia. Frances was born about 1723 in Virginia. She died after 1777 in Warren Co., North Carolina.

They had the following children:

  14 F i Sarah Pegram was born on 25 Dec 1741 in Bristol Parish, Virginia.

Sarah no doubt died as a child since Daniel and Frances named their youngest daughter Sarah as well.
15 F ii Mary Pegram was born about 1743.
16 M iii Daniel Pegram was born about 1745. He died on 13 Sep 1827.
17 M iv George Pegram was born about 1750. He died in 1825.
18 M v Gideon Pegram was born about 1755. He died in 1823.
19 M vi Edward Pegram was born about 1759. He died in 1802.
20 F vii Martha (Patty) Pegram was born about 1760.
21 F viii Sarah Pegram was born about 1761. She died in 1800.

8. Edward Pegram 1, 2 (Daniel , George ) was born on 4 Mar 1721/1722 in York Co., Virginia. He died in 1795 in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.

Edward Pegram was orphaned when only about five years of age and who raised him is not known. He was apprenticed to a bricklayer, named Matthew Harfield, when he was fifteen years old.

Within a few years, by means entirely unknown (for the records of Dinwiddie Co. from this period are lost), he was a very wealthy man, with several plantations and many slaves. However, another myth that should be discarded relates to the supposed land grant of "10 miles square". It never existed. It is possible that one of the related families may have obtained such a land grant but it was not one of our early Pegrams. However, he was established in Dinwiddie Co. by 1755 when we find a patent to Joseph Tucker, Jr. and Stephen Evans for 430 acres on the N. side of Saponac (sic) Creek adjoining "Starke, Pegram, Wagnon, Bolling and Stith".

On Sept 9, 1780, he hosted a Methodist meeting at his house in Dinwiddie Co., where Francis Asbury, who had been appointed minister "Over our brethren in America" by John Wesley, preached. It is interesting to note that there are also records that Francis Ashby is shown as having visited the family of Daniel Pegram in North Carolina during this same period.

Credit for much of the research on Edward Pegram's line was done by Dr. Samuel W. Simmons who spent many years researching Edward Pegram's line which resulted in the publication of his book: THE PEGRAMS OF VIRGINIA AND THEIR DESCENDANTS; 1688-1984; Atlanta, Georgia, 1984.

For many years we felt that we should restrict our research to Daniel's line in order to complete the family history. However, Dr. Simmons is now deceased and his book is out of print and not readily available to those just starting their research. For this reason, we have decided to incorporate the information compiled by Dr. Simmons. This would be impossible were it not for the efforts of Winona Solomon who has for many years been building a database of ALL the Pegram family lines. She has kindly shared her research so that we can make it available here for all our Pegram descendants.

Edward married Mary Scott Baker about 1741. Mary was born on 12 Nov 1723. She died on 30 Jun 1779.

They had the following children:

22 M i William S. Pegram was born on 18 Jun 1742. He died in 1789.
  23 F ii Mary Pegram was born on 6 Mar 1743/1744 in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.
24 M iii Edward Pegram was born on 13 Jan 1745/1746. He died on 30 Mar 1816.
25 M iv John Pegram was born on 20 Dec 1748.
26 F v Elizabeth Pegram was born on 24 Aug 1750.
27 F vi Sallie W. (a\k\a Elizabeth) Pegram was born on 12 Jan 1753.
28 M vii George Pegram was born on 29 Aug 1755.
29 M viii Baker Pegram was born on 27 Jan 1758. He died on 14 Oct 1830.
  30 M ix Daniel Pegram was born on 25 Apr 1760.
31 F x Ann (Nancy) Baker Pegram was born on 4 Jul 1762. She died after 1806.
32 M xi Daniel Pegram was born on 30 Mar 1767. He died on 23 Oct 1832.

9. Mary Pegram 1, 2 (Daniel , George ) was born about 1724 in York Co., Virginia.

The book "Relics of the Rives" by James Rives Childs includes the following:

"It has been stated that William Rives married a Miss Pegram, and to this I am disposed to give some credence on the strength of the unusual authentic testimony preserved by his descendants of the family relationships, and which whenever tested has disclosed none of the customary chaff of the untrustworthy tradition."

Dr. Simmons included the following addition comments about William Rives and Mary Pegram:

"Records in Amelia County show William Rives patented some land. When he sold the land his wife signed with him, and her given name was Mary . In the 1782 personalty tax list of Dinwiddie County the only titheable of William Rives was a man by the name of Thomas Parham. In Hughes' book on Dinwiddie County, Thomas Parham is listed in the records of a doctor in Dinwiddie, as a son-in-law of E. Pegram. This was in the 1780s. Edward Pegram married Ann Harper Parham, after his first wife, Mary Lyle, died. Actually Thomas Parham was not a son-in-law of E. Pegram, but was the son of Edward's wife, who had previously been married to a Parham . This is additional information of the relationship between William Rives and the Pegram family."

Was this Mary Pegram the daughter of Daniel? The evidence indicates that she was. There was simply no other Mary Pegram of record that would have been old enough to have had children in the 1740s. This fact places her in the same age bracket as Daniel and Edward, her brothers, sons of Daniel...

Based on the foregoing, it appears that Mary Pegram, the daughter of Daniel, married William Rives, and lived in the Dinwiddie-Amelia County area, as did her brother Edward, and her brother Daniel. It is also likely, that her brother George and sister Sarah lived there. "

Mary married William Rives 1. William was born in 1712 in Prince George Co., Virginia. He died in 1787.

The Rives data here is limited to the direct line of William Rives and his wife, Mary Pegram. We have borrowed heavily from Reliques of Rives by James Rives Childs for the early generations and have frequently copied parts almost verbatim. Later generations are from our own research, primarily by Winona Solomon, and work by a number of other talented Rives researchers.

William Rives was born presumably in Prince George county, Virginia, about 1712, the son of Col. William and Elizabeth Rives, of the same county. With Benjamin Rives, he patented on January 10, 1735, 500 acres of land n Amelia County which was formed on September 30, 1734, from Prince George and Brunswick counties.In a deed dated November 12, 1746, and recorded in Amelia on March 20, 1746/7, William Rives and Benjamin Rives of the County of Prince George deeded the above-mentioned 500 acres to George Currie.

He evidently resided in that part of Prince George county from which Dinwiddie county was formed in 1752: for, in a survey made in Dinwiddie on March 28, 1771, of 1,312 acres "lying on both sides of and near the heads of Saponey Creek and in the Parish of Bath and County of Dinwiddie," reference is made to "two white oaks near William Reeves's." In 1782 he appears as the owner in Dinwiddie of 466 acres of land, valued at Í?175, and of 11 slaves, 8 horses, and 33 head of cattle.

He died in Bath Parish in 1786 about 25 miles south of Petersburg, and left a will which has perished in the destruction of the Dinwiddie county records.

They had the following children:

33 M i Thomas Henry Rives was born about 1740. He died in 1809.
34 M ii Robert Rives was born on 13 Jul 1743. He died in 1809.
35 M iii Unknown Son Rives.

10. Sarah Pegram (Daniel , George ) was born before 1726 in York Co., Virginia.

Sarah married James Scott. James was born in 1720 in Scotland. He died in 1760 in Virginia.

They had the following children:

36 M i Capt. William Scott was born in 1747. He died in 1791.

11. George Pegram 1 (Daniel , George ) was born in 1727 in Williamsburg, York Co., Virginia.

We want to stress that there is no documentary evidence that George Pegram, born circa 1727, is the father and/or grandfather of George Scott Pegram, Jr.. Most of the research on this line was done during the 1970s by Robert E. (Bob) Pegram of Dallas, Texas. It was his opinion that George Scott Pegram, Jr. was a descendant of Edward Pegram. However, Dr. Simmons, after reviewing the same source records, decided that this was questionable and was inclined to place George Scott Pegram, Jr. as a descendant of George Pegram, the brother of Edward and Daniel. My recollection is that in conversations with Bob Pegram during the 1970s, I told him that I also felt that George Scott Pegram, Jr. was probably not descended from Edward. At the same time, Bob Pegram did a great job of tracing the descendants of George Scott Pegram, Jr. who appeared in present Cheatham Co., Tennessee shortly after 1800. Since we want to share the work of Bob Pegram with the many descendants of George Scott Pegram, Jr., we have arbitrarily placed him as a grandson of George Pegram, brother of Daniel Pegram of Warren Co. and Edward Pegram of Dinwiddie Co. With this introduction, we hope that someone with a good analytical eye will again review the limited source material available to make a determination as to the best possible choice for the father of George Scott Pegram, Jr.

Phil Alfeld, a descendant of Baker Pegram recently found the following at the Virginia State Library on the microfilm for miscellaneous Dinwiddie County records for 1763:

May: George Pegram granted an Ordinary license

Logically this should be George Pegram, son of Daniel Pegram and at last places George in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. with his brother, Edward. Other extant records also show a George to be living in Dinwiddie Co., Virginia during the second half of the 18th century who we assume is a son of George.

We still hope that as more records are transcribed and indexed, we may yet find additional evidence to conclusively place George. In the interim, we want to share the records that have been compiled on the descendants of George Scott Pegram, Jr. since we concur that he is descended from our common ancestor, George Pegram of Williamsburg, Virginia.

We have the same problem with Mary Pegram and Sallie Pegram who both married David Browder. Based on their ages, it appears that George Pegram is the only logical parent.

While not the mother of his children, George at some point married Elizabeth Cowles Green based on the following from the Rives book: "Col. Abraham or Abram Green (1705-1783) resided in Amelia co. Va., where he was one of the most prominent citizens of that county. With his brother William, he appears as a processioner in Bristol Parish in 1731, that parish extending over a part of Prince George which became Amelia county in 1735. He was appointed one of the Gentlemen Justices of Amelia upon the formation of the county and continued in the exercise of that office until age had fastened itself upon him in 1769. He appears as an officer of the county militia as early as 1736, later being made colonel, and was appointed sheriff in 1743. The census of 1782 shows him as one of the largest slaveholders in the county with 55 servants. Col. Abraham Green m. 1st, Elizabeth, sister of Thomas Cowles, of Charles City county, and 2nd, Mrs. Ann Blunt, M. B. dated Oct. 9, 1758, widow of William Blunt (whom she had m. in 1756) and dau. of Robert Nicholson, of Sussex co. but had issue only by his first wife, as follows: " This passage continues with the children of Col. Green and shows that Elizabeth Cowles Green married George Pegram but died without issue.

Since he was not named in his father's will, it is assumed he was born after his father's death in 1726.

George married Unknown.

They had the following children:

37 M i George Pegram died in Jan 1812.
38 F ii Sallie Pegram.
39 F iii Mary Pegram was born about 1756.

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