Descendants of George Pegram
First Generation

1. George Pegram 1, 2 was born about 1660. He died before 1704 in Williamsburg, York Co., Virginia.

Little is known of George Pegram the earliest Pegram in this country known to have left descendants There is no documentation about his birth but our research suggests he was probably born in Essex Co., England.

His name appears in several court records for he was sued several times for relatively small debts. He also served as a juror.

From York County, Virginia Deeds, Orders, Wills 1687-1691 we find George mentioned in the following cases:

22 February 1688/89 -- In obedience to orders of 24 January 1688/89 we being empanelled by sherriff to meet upon the land belonging to Nicholas Sebrill and lay out the land according (to) pattent, we do not find any damages Committed by Mr. Thomas Thorpe as alleged by Nicholas Sebrill. As for the quantity of the land, we leave it to the Surveyor. (George Pegram among twelve jurors).

20 December 1688 Court, page 242 -- Among bills owed the estate of Issack Goddin, George Pegram listed as owing tobacco, All paid on 3 April 1689.

Judgement granted Thomas Thorpe against George Pegram £0.14.10 sterling being full balance of account between them. Page 326.

24 February 1690 Court -- George Pegram listed as member of jury in Court of 24 February 1690.

28 November 1690 Court-- Account of coil: Bacon with George Pegram through 19 December 1691 for £8.0.6. Includes mention of coll. of Page's note.

In York County, Virginia Deeds, Orders, Wills 1691-1694 there are a few additional references, i.e:

24 November 1691 Court-Daniel Park granted attachment against estate of George Pegram £ 1.4.6. per bill returnable at next court.

24 January 1692/93 and 13 February Courts, page 102 -- George Pegram serving on jury in case involving Cornell Cornute arresting Stiphen Pond his late master in an action upon the case declaring that Pond after he had sould him the said Cornute kept and detained his wife from him and made it his frequent custome to lye with her, openly boasting whereof to Cornute and others, together with divers other rude behavior and unjust actions by which the plaintiff alleadging himself much dampnified. Find for the plantiff 100 pounds of tobacco damages.

24 June 1692 Court -- William Dyer stood himself security for appearance of George Pegram to answer suit of Maj. Lewis Burwell, serving executor of Col. Nathaniel Bacon in an action of the case for £6.13.4. George Pegram deferred to next court on action regarding Nathaniel Bacon. Burwell granted judgement in next court of £3.11.4.

24 August 1692 Court, page 157 -- Richard Farr, sawyer, arresting George Pegram in an action of the case for 27 schillings sterling per account, and not prosecuting same, is non suited.

24 May 1693 Court -- Sworn to per George Pegram and recorded at the request of P. Weldon attorney of Maj. Burwell.

4 March 1693/94 Court -- John Bryan arresting George Pegram in an action upon the case and not filing his petition, he is non suited.

This was the last record found of George Pegram.

We know that his wife was a Hunt based on the apprenticeship of his son, George Pegram, whose apprenticeship papers show that he was apprenticed with the consent of his Uncle, Robert Hunt.

George married Hunt about 1680.

They had the following children:

  2 M i John Pegram 1 died about 1753.

John Pegram may have been the eldest of George's sons. Sarah, the wife of Daniel Pegram, John's brother, died in 1727, the year after Daniel's death. Her will was recorded in York County 19 June 1727, and Sarah names John Pegram as her executor. This was no doubt her husband's brother.

There appeared in York County Court records, Orders, Wills, Deeds 17, 316, the following: September 18, 1732, "Action upon the case by John Lilly against John Pegram, former order continued to next court".

On 21 January 1754 the personal estate of John Pegram deceased, was appraised (6, 12, 13, 154). He probably died shortly before that date. Nothing is known of his family. In 1725 the death of John Pegram, a child, was recorded in the Bruton Parish Church Records. This may have been a son of John's.
3 M ii William Pegram was born before 1693. He died after 1751.
4 M iii Daniel Pegram was born in 1689. He died in 1726.
  5 M iv George Pegram was born about 1690 in Williamsburg, York Co., Virginia.

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