Descendants of James B Moore and wife, Cynthia Bell

Third Generation

18. Louella Perry (Julie A Moore , James B ) was born 1 on 20 Oct 1870 in Clarksville, Tennessee. She died on 6 Jun 1923 in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma and was buried in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Louella married Martin Alexander Wright on 22 Jun 1889 in Clarksville, Tennessee. Martin was born on 15 Oct 1861 in McMinnville, Tennessee. He died on 10 Dec 1934 in Scotsdale, Arizona.

It is said that Martin was married previously and had one child by his first wife. No one knows what happened to that wife or child. It is thought that Martin just up and left them.

Martin was very strict; Louella was easy going. Hats were not to be worn in the house and had to wear a shirt at the dinner table. Attended Baptist revival meetings. In May/June 1923 they sold everything at an auction to move. Went by the way of Aunt Virginia's in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma--where Louella died.

Would buy crops and rented land in Marlow (cotton) In the spring of 1923 Jane & Columbus married. They got the marriage license in Duncan and went to get married when they found out they were having the wedding in the wrong county, so they had to go across the road to get married. Held the ceremony on the side of the road.

1926 Columbus & Jane farmed crops in Marlow, Oklahoma.

Martin & family went to Mangrum OK (2years) renting farm in Mangrum then that is when Dora met and married Jesse D Wooton (1928) then they moved back to Marlow.

1920 McClain County, Colbert Township, Oklahoma Census shows:

Martin A. Wright Head, M, W, 58, married
Lou Wright wife, F, W, 49, married
Marion Wright son, M, W, 28, single
Jimmie Wright, son, M, W, 19, single
Willie Wright son, M, W, 17, single
John Wright son, M, W, 15, single
Jannie Wright daughter, F, W, 12, single
Frank Wright son, M, W, 10, single
Dora Wright daughter, F, W, 8, single

Martin and Louella had the following children:

24 M i Marion Thomas "Tommy" Wright was born on 11 Nov 1891 and died on 12 Jan 1962.
25 F ii Mary Virginia "Ginny" Wright was born on 30 Jan 1895 and died in Feb 1976.
26 F iii Nettie Frances Wright was born on 2 Mar 1899 and died in Dec 1983.
27 M iv James Joseph Wright was born on 2 Jan 1901 in Ryan, Oklahoma. He died in 1924 in Persell, Oklahoma and was buried in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.
28 M v William Oscar Wright was born on 19 Apr 1903 and died on 6 Aug 1981.
29 M vi John Alf Wright was born on 15 Jan 1905 and died in Mar 1963.
30 F vii Janie Louella Wright was born on 15 May 1907 and died on 2 Sep 1998.
31 M viii Martin Franklin Wright was born on 20 Jul 1909 in Ryan, Oklahoma. He died on 24 Jan 1970 in Salinas, Monterey Co., California.
32 F ix Dora Alice Wright was born in 1911.

19. Henry M Perry (Julie A Moore , James B ) was born 1 in 1874 in Tennessee.

Henry married (1) Nellie. Nellie was born in May 1878 in Tennessee.

1890 Montgomery County, TN Census Lists Nellie as
daughter-in-law to Marion Perry, born May 1878 in TN, age 22

Henry and Nellie had the following children:

33 M i Frank L Perry was born in 1902 and died in 1964.

Henry also married (2) May.

22. John Perry (Julie A Moore , James B ) was born in Clarksville, Tennessee. He died on 8 May 1956 in Clarksville, Tennessee.

John married (1) Mattie Maynard.

They had the following children:

34 M i William Hartwell Perry was born on 29 Oct 1908 in Clarksville, Tennessee. He died on 27 Mar 1979 in Clarksville, Tennessee and was buried in Clarksville, Tennessee, Sykes Funeral Home.

married 4 times; no children wife 2 was Lillie Marklin
35 M ii Luther Perry.
36 M iii Howard Douglas Perry was born on 1 May 1912 and died on 17 Feb 1983.

John also married (2) Savannah Hogue. Savannah was born in 1896. She died in 1966 in Clarksville, Tennessee.

They had the following children:

37 M iv Edward Lloyd Perry.
38 F v Rosa Lee Perry was born on 21 Jun 1920.
39 M vi Roger Donald Perry was born in 1922.
40 M vii Carl William Perry.
41 M viii John Thomas Perry was born in 1930.
42 M ix Clifton Eugene Perry was born in 1935.
43 M x Bernice Ray "Butch" Perry was born in 1937.
44 M xi James Lewis Perry was born in 1942.
45 F xii Baby_girl Perry.
46 M xiii Robert Lewis Perry.
47 M xiv Herbert Perry.

23. Dolletta Perry (Julie A Moore , James B ) was buried in Riverside Cem., Clarksville, Tennessee.

Dolletta married Jimmy Suitor.

They had the following children:

48 F i Vergie Suitor was born in 1905.
49 M ii Morris Suitor.

never married
50 F iii Louise Suitor.

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