14. Lawrence LANCASTER Sr was born in 1720 in Surry Co., VA. He died after 27 Jun 1792 in Warren Co., NC.

He was married to Mary WILLIAMS in 1745 in Surry Co., VA. Mary WILLIAMS was born in 1722 in Surry Co., VA. Lawrence LANCASTER Sr and Mary WILLIAMS had the following children:

child42 i. Absolom LANCASTER was born in 1746 in Surry Co., VA.
child43 ii. Lawrence LANCASTER Jr was born on 22 Jul 1747 in Surry Co., VA. He was christened on 1 Oct 1747 in Surry Co., VA. He died after 2 Feb 1821 in Warren Co., NC.
child+44 iii. Samuel LANCASTER.
child45 iv. Aaron LANCASTER was born in 1749 in Surry Co., VA.
child+46 v. John LANCASTER.
child+47 vi. Moses LANCASTER.
child+48 vii. Martha LANCASTER.
child+49 viii. William LANCASTER.
child+50 ix. Selah LANCASTER.
child+51 x. Lucy LANCASTER.
child52 xi. Mary LANCASTER was born in 1764 in Bute Co., NC.
child+53 xii. Nancy LANCASTER.

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