35. Sarah "Sallie" HARTON (1) was born in 1816 in Springfield, Robertson Co., TN. She died in 1880 in Marshall Co, MS. Sarah was dead before 1874 when the Harton heirs sold Daniel Harton's lot opposite the courthouse in Jackson, TN. Her children took her 1/4 interest in two parts:B.F. Jr, Geo. W.McKie,, and Sallie and Martin C. Gill signed one; John H McKie, W. Morgan McKie, Otway S. Carter and his wife Francis L. Carter of the County of Lafayette and state of Miss. Children and heirs (except the said Otway S. Carter and Martin C. Gill) of Sarah C. McKie formerly Sarah C. Harton. The deed never states "deceased" about Sarah.

She was married to Benjamin Franklin MCKIE (son of Daniel MCKIE and Frances HERNDON) on 6 Dec 1837 in Marshall Co, MS. Benjamin Franklin MCKIE (1) was born on 1 Oct 1811 in SC. He died on 9 Sep 1852 in Marshall Co, MS. Info on the McKies came from a book THE MACKEYS (however spelled) 1957 Mrs. C. E. Doughtie, JR. published by the Bowen Press, Decatur GA Sarah "Sallie" HARTON and Benjamin Franklin MCKIE had the following children:

112 i. John H. MCKIE(1) was born in 1840 in Marshall Co., MS. He died in 1876 in Lafayette Co., MS.
+113 ii. Benjamin F. , Jr. MCKIE.
114 iii. George Washington MCKIE(1) was born in 1844.
115 iv. William Morgan MCKIE(1) was born in 1846.
116 v. Sarah MCKIE(1) was born in 1848.
117 vi. Lavinia MCKIE(1) was born in 1850.

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