10. Daniel HARTON (1) was born in 1787 in Warren County, North Carolina. He died in Sep 1826 in Jackson, Tennessee. The estate records are in Jackson, Madison County, TN. The administrator was John P. Harton, his brother. Because he was in business with James Elrod, the children shared in the proceeds of the business. I never saw the percentage that each partner owned, but the children, especially the girls, felt free to purchase clothing and frills from the store. At the time of Daniel's death he had personal property worth $458.44, and was owed money to the tune of $6707.79 (p131. Will Book I) On p. 135 I made note of R.H. Lake & T. Harton who owed $1.17, and M. Debrerry and T. Harton, $11.46, Kenneth Garret and Thomas Harton two amounts: $20.38 and 20.90, B. Trousdale and SN. Swan, W.H. Hicks and James Elrod $152.683/4. Notes belonging to the estate $1206.043/4 (Nov 8, 1828) submitted by J. P. Harton.
James Elrod kept separate accounts for each of the heirs. Miss Elizabeth Harton, one of the minor heirs of Daniel Harton deceased in act. with James Elrod guardian Feb 1829: books, clothing, ribbons, linen handkerchief,
$107.74 in 1830, July 1831 $84.00 Note was made of cash paid Thomas Lane $61.78 in Apr 5, 1833, John P. Harton $15 Dec 26, 1831, Thomas Lane $1.7 5, Nov, 1831, Thomas Lane $13.50 Feb 7, 1832.
For Harriet Harton Jan 18, 1831 Cash pd D.V. Drake $3.12, Thomas Lane Jan 5, 1831 $60.06, and $14.56, 1832 A. Patton $5.87, April 1833 Thomas Lane $81.31.
Sarah Harton on Jan 1, 1830, B. B. Trousdale received $34.18, Jan 1831 Thomas Lane, $64.56, Feb 7 1832 $7.55, Feb 7 1832 A. Patton $5.87, 1833 Thomas Lane $86.31. (p.377) Cash paid for John Harton to John P. Harton $78.50 on 25 Dec 1825, and Dec 25, 1830 to John P. Harton $57.00. April a5, 1833, Thomas Lane $1.50.
p. 380 James Elrod late guardian of the heirs of Daniel Harton decd (6 Aug 1833) the sum of $3486.18 pd to heirs witness RLN Hogg, Guardian of heirs of Danl Harton decd.
p. 98 The heirs of Daniel Harton dec in acct with John P. Harton guardian. After all expenses county commissioners find estate of $2.84 (1836)
p. 193 Accounts of Harriett W. Harton total $999. John James Harton $348.46. Sarah Harton $1123.57 totalling 2470.97 (By this time Elizabeth must have been married to R..L.M. Hogg) The county commissioners divided the $2470.97 by three and found that Harriett and Sarah both owed JJ Harton $175.34 and $299.55 respectively.
Doctor R.L. M. Hogg petitioned for money owed Elizabeth for 1837 consisting of 1/4 of sum of $86. collected of Douglas Stapleton, and for 1/4 of casg $228.25 in hands of James Elrod, for 1/4 of rent of Jackson town property $57, and 1/4 of charges paid on Negroes of the year $60.18. Elizabeth Hogg is due 1/4 rent collected for 1836 and part 1835. Commissioners find her entitled to $114.15. The Negro property was Clarissa about 40 worth $400, Patience about 20 and her child $850, Vincent age 8, $500, Martha age 13, $600, Emily 6, $400, Jackson 15, $650, Isaac 17, $800. totaling 4200. In division Sarah got Clarissa, Vinson and Emily. John James got Patience, her child and Jackson for $1500, Martha and Jackson for $1400 to Tho H. Goodlow and wife.
The age of Daniel is based on his obituary as reported in Edleman Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspaper 1821-1828. From Sept 3, 1826, Vol 3 #14 Shelby Co. Died on Tuesday last Col Daniel Harton, age 39. He was a merchant of this county. On Wednesday he was interred by the brethren of Jackson Lodge #45. and from same source Sept 9, 1826 Vol 3, #15. Last week Lavinia Harton, the wife of Col Daniel Harton died on Friday evening last. She survived her husband by four days. On Saturday, their youngest child of the deceased parents died. There are four surviving children. In March 1826 Burwell Harton of Huntsville AL, advertises for a runaway slave Gilbert who calls himself James Chavers. Burwell says he lives seventeen miles north of Huntsville on the Meredith Road.
The Jackson Gazette adds that During the day that Col Harton was buried, all business was suspended in town and every evidence of respect was shown to the memory of our deceased friend, which seems to be universally felt for one of the noblest works of God, an honest man.
Goodspeeds History of TN on p 844 mentions that the Masonic Lodge for Springfield, Robertson County, which received its Charter from the Grand Master of TN 1 Oct 1814 removed to Springfield 22 Nov 1817 and the first meeting was held at residence of Daniel Ha(o)rton 14 Jan 1848. After 1811 Daniel Ho(a)rton began business in a building standing about where the post office is now.

He was married to Lavinia HICKS (daughter of Vines HICKS and Elizabeth HARDAWAY) in 1815 in probably Robertson Co., TN. Lavinia HICKS(1) was born in 1789 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. She died in Sep 1826 in Jackson, Tennessee. Daniel HARTON and Lavinia HICKS had the following children:

+33 i. John James HARTON.
+34 ii. Elizabeth HARTON.
+35 iii. Sarah "Sallie" HARTON.
+36 iv. Harriet Willie HARTON.
37 v. INFANT(1) was born in 1826.

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