33. John James HARTON (1) was born on 17 Sep 1817 in Springfield, Tennessee. He died on 2 Jan 1887 in Quitman, Arkansas. In December 1838 John J. Harton petitions for money due him from John P. Harton, deceased. He received of James McKnight, administrator of all and sinular the goods and chattles rights and credits of John P. Harton Sr., Decd the following --- note for $119.85 due one day after date valid 4th day of Jany 1837, signed by T.H. Goodloe as Guardian of H. Harton, one other note for $121.25 also due one day after date dated the 4th day of Jan 1837 also one other notefor $100 due same day drawn the 7th day of Nov 1837 out of the above amounts I promise to pay when colletion $75.35 to said James McKnight admr as aforesaid, aosl one note for $70 due 25th day of December 1838 dated 2 Jan 1838 also one other note for $65 due 25 Dec 1838, said 2 Jan 1838. The above being the full amount of the personal Estate (except doubtful debts) of Daniel Harton decd due me as one of the heirs and legatees of said decd this 12 day of Nov 1838 signed Jno J. Harton (seal). He personally appeared in court.
On Aug 4th , 1873 John J. Harton sold to D. H. King for $250 all of his one-fourth interest in the Lot across from the courthouse in Jackson, Maison Co., TN. John H. McKie and others did the same thing March 24, 1874. W. Morgan McKie, Otwasy S. Carter and his wife Francis L. Carter of the county of Lafayette and State of Mississippi children and heirs (except the said Otway S. Carter) of Sarah C. McKie formerly Sarah C. Harton for $170 in hand paid--one-eighth undivided interest in the lot situated on Centre or Such Alley in the town of Jackson, Madison County, TN. The Benjamin F. McKie, Geo W. McKie, Martin C. Gill and his wife Sarah C. Gill all of the County of Marshall, State of MS, children and heirs (exept the said Martin C. Gill) of Sarah C. McKie formerly Sarah C. Harton for the consideration of $175 to be in hand paid.--their 1/8 interest in the parcel. John J. Goodloe, David S. Goodloe, Theodore Goodloe, Elizabeth Neely and D. Neely (her husband) and Harriet Julia Goodloe children of T.H. and the late Harriet W. Goodloe, formerly Harriet W. Harton of White County, AR for and in consideration of $350 sell their undivided one fourth part to D. H. King. Elizabeth Balfour et al also signed deed Feb 2, 1874.
The Loves, Goodloes and Hartons were in Van Buren Co., in the 1840's. Benj. Love's records are scanty. JJ. Harton paid regular poll taxes. By 1856 there was a J. W. Harton living on SW Section 26, Township 9 Range 9 with 200 acres.
J.J. had the same acreage as in 1855 all in Township 9 Range 11 for a total of 320 acres. In 1857 Goodloe paid no poll tax but still owns 200 acres worth $600. He must have moved since he doesn't list slaves, horses or cattle.
1858 no Goodloe and J. J. Harton has acquired another 160 acres Section 17 of Township 9 Range 11. He has 6 slaves worth $3500. J. W. is John W. Who is he?
In 1865 John J. -no poll tax--owned 640 acres worth 1200, no slaves, 7 cows. Taxes were $6.35 county and $12.70 state.

He was married to Elizabeth Gooden LOVE (daughter of Benjamin LOVE and Elizabeth (Teliza) ONEY) on 30 Jan 1848 in Quitman, Arkansas. Elizabeth Gooden LOVE(1) was born on 11 Dec 1828 in Halifax County, North Carolina. She died on 10 Aug 1913 in Quitman, Arkansas. John James HARTON and Elizabeth Gooden LOVE had the following children:

+94 i. Daniel Osbon HARTON.
95 ii. W. B. HARTON(1) was born on 8 Jul 1850.
+96 iii. Harriett HARTON.
+97 iv. Sarah HARTON.
+98 v. John James , Jr. HARTON.
+99 vi. Sakista HARTON.
+100 vii. Benjamin Love HARTON.
101 viii. July HARTON(1) was born on 12 Jul 1864 in Quitman, Arkansas. She died on 31 Aug 1865 in Quitman, Arkansas.
102 ix. Fanny Calista HARTON(1) was born on 26 Aug 1866 in Quitman, Arkansas. She died on 1 Sep 1959 in Quitman, Arkansas.
103 x. infant HARTON(1) was born on 28 Jan 1869. She died on 29 Jan 1869.

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