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Descendants of James Hardaway


Mrs Hardaway

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DEAT DATE Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA

39. Frances Hardaway

MARRIAGE: Brunswick Co. Va Marriage Records.
!Will: Brunswick Co Va;;;p 86;FHL film#0030634;Note: Book 5.

53. Hardaway Young

Death: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

Angelina Goodwyn

Source: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

116. Elizabeth Clements Young

Source: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

James Goodwyn Young

Source: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

117. Judith Peterson Young

Birth: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

Hamilton R. Heath

Source: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

54. Henry Young

Source: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

Winifred Tucker (Winnie) Goodwyn

Source: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

119. Henry Young

Source: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected]);NOTE:
of Wilcox Co., AL.

Frances Vaughn

Source: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

120. Judith Young

Birth: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

Jacob Mitchell

Source: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected]).

Holly Thweatt Goodwyn

DEATH: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

121. Stith Hardaway

BIRTH: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

Eliza Ann Young

BIRTH: J. Randolph Jones;;;;;Internet ([email protected])

123. Thomas Hatch

Page: p 20
Title: Descendants of James Hardaway, Charles City County,
Author: James F. Devenport, Judith Hardaway Devenport, Laurence
B. Gardiner
Publication Information: James F. Devenport, One Winchester
Court, Midland,
Texas 79705, 1992
Repository Name: Martha Hewett
Address: 4040 East Greenway Circle, Mesa,
AZ, 85205
Phone: (602) 807-0750
I will write a short history of my life up to the present time. I
was born 26 June 1761 AD on Hatch's Run in Dinwiddie County,
Virginia. There were a good many red skins on Hatch's Run but when
the War was over all but the most friendly with the pale fces left.
We had no school houses but I tried to get a little learning. I got
so I could read and write and figure a little. I did not work much,
fishing and hunting. My father's name was Henry Hatch. He died in
1776. Then we children had to shift for ourselves. In 1786, Cozen
Billy Beard and I came to North Carolina, Orange County, and I bound
myself to Fre McDonnel for seven years at the carpenters trade. So
when I served my time out, I built the first school house in Chappel
Hill, NC in 1794 and I got married to Sally Brewer {Cynthia Brewer
13 Nov 1802}. Then I got a good start. I had three children by my
wife. We reared four children, one niece whom I adopted. Her name
was Sally Beard. I did not live but six miles from Cozen Billy
Beard, and he would come to my house to hunt with me, but my
children did not like him. They said he was so ugly and his hair so
long. They were afraid of him, but I told them he was my first
cozen and he was half Indian and that I was close kin to the red
man. I told them that my grandfather Powhatan Beard was a full
blood Indian and my mother Sally Beard was half Indian and I was one
third Indian. My grandfather's name was Henry and my father's name
was Henry Hatch.

69. Susannah (Susan) Hardaway

Birth: Records of J. Randolph Jones;;;;Internet ([email protected]).

Peter Manson

NOTE: Captain.